Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Updates from the lands of Xan Than Du

So the Xan Than Du games have been progressing and the parties have gotten involved in numerous hijinx that I have become too increasingly lazy to document in separate posts.   They have explored an abandoned outpost for treasure hidden by an ancient madman,  dealt with desert demons and nearly been mauled to death by the leader of a cult of lion worshipers.  They have engaged in tough negotiations with hostile villages for supplies,  defended a Spanish mission from a small army of angry locals, had an incredibly unlikely second encounter with the Cave of Wonders (that ended far more deadly), and search for a shipwrecked vessel from the Texan Navy with the aid of a wise hermit high on a mountain.   Characters were mauled by animals,  robbed by bandits, and in one case captured by slavers in their pirate hideout due to to fallout from a Djinni's wish.

One character befriended a local gorilla named Harambe only to shortly after become the guest of a certain mad big game hunter that is seeking a more dangerous prey.

In short, it is what you would expect in terms of cliche and tropes and murder.