Friday, July 24, 2015

Disorganized Content - Going mad as an investigator

Furthering my theory on random gameable idea's...

In games like Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green you play investigators learning of the hidden reality and losing sanity as you do so.  Eventually characters go mad in a variety of ways.

But an idea that appeals to me,  having read many crazy things on the Internet and seen people commenting that crazy under news stories,  what if you don't just shriek in a corner or hear voices?

What if each "madness" you get is actually that you start believing a pants-on-head level of conspiracy?  Once you begin accepting there is a dreaming ancient monster in a non-euclidean city on the bottom of the ocean or that invisible aliens steal brains, or Troy McClure is part of an ancient people with many undersea cities... you might start to lose your grounding and believe other ridiculous things.  Things like...

01.) The government is planning to impose martial law in Texas with a military operation..
02.) A secret conspiracy is hiding evidence of a UFO crash in New Mexico..
03.) There was a second gunman..
04.) Jet fuel can't melt steel beams..
05.) The moon landing was a hoax..
06.) Chemtrails...
07.) David Icke's reptoid theories..
08.) FEMA is turning abandoned walmarts into concentration camps in waiting
09)  the Bilderberg group is trying to impose a new world order
10.) So is the UN!
11.) something something the Illuminati.
12.) The Masons are hiding secrets about the nature of the world
13.) So is the Vatican.
14.)  And somehow the Elder Scrolls of Zion make sense to you now (worst game in the series)
15.) Vaccines are a plot to cause autism
16.) Psychology is a scam to hide the existence of thetans.
17.) The Phantom Time Hypothesis is correct
18.)  HAARP is in full swing
19.) The simultaneous 4 day night cycle is correct, and being hidden by evil educators.
20.) The CIA is abducting vulnerable women such as single moms and dosing with with LSD to try and hypnotize them into super-assassins

No, can't use that anymore, how about

The NSA is secretly recording all mail, phone, and internet communication for use in a giant domestic spy database

Nope, ok,  how about

20.) The Shaver mysteries are real

The idea being, that as you are forced to abandon so much of what you held to be true about reality, its very easy to pick up and run with other things you once just brushed aside as feverish dreams.  The more of these false beliefs you pick up, the less effective you are as an investigator.  You will keep trying new information back to more and more red herrings.  People who come to talk to you will hear you rant about more and more obvious bullshit before you get into any real supernatural knowledge and they will probably have tuned out by then and labelled you a crank.

And that is how your investigator is retired,  not hearing voices,  but rather typing in all caps in the deep bowels of a brietbart comment thread with another conspiracy theorist. Occasionally an active investigator will come by to your one room apartment that smells of cat pee and looks like an episode of hoarders.  There they will try to tease out what you actually know about Shoggoths from what is your conjecture about Chemtrails and Mason protective symbols.  Of course, your character has spent years doing mental gymnastics so there is a strong risk not only that they won't get anything useful,  but worse that you might convince them of a false link (represented by SAN damage as you put a thought in the back of their brain).

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Disorganized Content - The Stars are Alive

So I have lots of concepts floating about, waiting for me to consolidate them into an adventure or setting book. These disorganized content posts will all contain similar tidbits.

The Stars are Alive


The Sun god is always the good guy who turns undead and is lawful,   demons are far-away stars (based on LotFP's contact outer planes bit).

Which means...

Since each star is a sun in its own right consider the following:

Stars are lawful to those evolving on their planets, nurturing them to pick up science and civilization and shun magic and disruptive sorcery.  Other stars meddle by granting power and sowing chaos, trying to get the local populace to abandon civilization and devolve to magic use.

Adventure Seeds/Gameable bits?..

Option A.) Each star hinders or helps civilization through religion to try and guide its populace towards advanced robotics prior to interstellar travel so the star can just shed off these corruptible biological entities and build itself a mobile Dyson sphere and eat the fuel of other stars.

Option B.)  Each star is looking to turn its people into a star faring civilization to act as conduits to begin psychically enslaving other stars.

Not sure which option I like more.   Leaving one as the story being told to the clerics and one as the story told by other stars is a good option as well, create doubt.

Other notable contributions:

"As technology advances, light pollution is nurtured by Sun Gods because it keeps other stars' light from human perception, reducing their ability to influence local humans."

"Planets are opaque prisons locking subdued radiances in a solid core, the end result of capturing another god in a contracting dyson sphere and crushing it down to a tame, manageable size. Best way to jumpstart a new cult to eventually drag you off to the next victim.

Planetary cults (the Old Gods of the Earth) hearken back to this older divinity, but don't really have a future worth mentioning."

From Antion

"So undead, because they rely on nonsolar sources of energy for their biological processes, are inimical to everybody?"

From Huth

My Response "I just pictured undead as abominations that other stars showed each others populations to summon to help meddle and overthrow civilizations.   Every star knows how to make undead (and thus turn them),  but they only show the populations of their neighbours stars how to make them in a bit of sowed chaos."

Friday, July 10, 2015

New Release! See what all the hype was about!

As I promised here,

A new adventure by yours truly is available!   The Gem Prison of Zardax!

This is a pretty sweet looking full colour adventure if I do say so myself:

Art by Scrap Princess
Maps by Simon Forster
Layout by Chris Huth
Editing by Michael Moscrip
Cover by Harry Clarke

Get your copy today!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Update on City of Tears

So I've been running online again for a few sessions,  testing out the light rules mainly.

It appears to still be a perfunctory dungeon,  and I am debating trying to write it up as an example NGR dungeon (though it seems like a fair bit of effort for just that).  Anyone have any real interest in an NGR only dungeon?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Kiel Chenier creates a mindblowing trailer: You won't believe what happens next!

So that trailer is cool, it has the wonderful art of Jez Gordon, the voice work of Cole Long, and the production skills of Kiel Chenier.  Fantastic.

I also figure anyone who reads my blog is neither unaware of nor undecided about Scenic Dunnsmouth.  While I hope you enjoy the trailer (it is quite good),  this is meant for sharing and showcasing to those who are unaware of undecided.

So if you liked Dunnsmouth and you post or congregate anywhere you don't see me also posting,  please share this trailer.

Youtube link:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Upcoming Adventure: The Wrath of Zardax the Unbeatable

Coming soon!

The mighty wizard Zardax,  master of white magic, black magic, green magic, hell he's the master of all kinds of colour magic including but not limited to technicolor and smurple.  He's got a totally rad dungeon with smushing traps and weird riddles and ice warriors and things.  Also there is a totally sweet Ethereal Blade in there which is rad to the max.

Can your brave heroes best the wits of the mighty Zardax?  Can they escape his colour coded dungeon? Can you pay $7 for an adventure?  What if I got Scrap Princess to do art? What about then?  Coming soon as this is totally not just a lie that will somehow get to count as a prank because it's April first and everyone has gotten to lazy to distinguish between "prank" and "falsehood".

Coming Soon!

   The Wrath of Zardax the Unbeatable (title subject to change)