Saturday, November 14, 2015

Buystarter Progress - The Price of Evil is increasing

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would give everyone a few updates.   First,  the Buystarter for "The Price of Evil" is going well.  We've done well enough that Alex Mayo has completed the layout and it looks sharp.

We are nearing the filling it with art,  and a bit further still away from having cover art from Alex's hand.   The risk that you would just get a poorly laid out text filled with typos has passed and so in a few days time I'll be raising THE PRICE OF EVIL TO $6.66 , which seemed fitting.  It's still at a discount ,   but time is running out on the Buystarter, so if you were on the fence get it now while its still only $4.

Also,   I am part of "The Bundle of Holding +3",  which helps support the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Which you should support.  You'll get the Gnomes of Levnec, some other great options (in particular Weird Adventures) , and if you spring for the bonus collection you'll also get the Gem Prison of Zardax and some more stuff by other people (Red and Pleasant Land for example).

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