Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Now that my home group has left the area in which they are liable to encounter a wendigo,  I figured I would post the monster here in case anyone is looking to use it for their own NGR game.

So the first thing to note is what I consider a wendigo.  In my case it is an air elemental that borders on being a wind demon.  It certainly practices black magic.

In its physical form it is a mass of blowing snow around a ragged corpse,  but its real power is the control over the winter winds.   It can hear anything that is spoken into the wind for several miles around its location, as well as anything around its "children"  (more on that later).   It also has the ability to inspire madness into those who hear the whistling of the wind between trees or through drafts in lonely cabins.   Anyone who is staring into the wilderness during such a wind suffers a social conflict appeal every few hours (for game purposes, once during each watch as that is the most likely time it will happen).   Staring into a fire renders one immune to the effect unless they are physically in the path of the wind (ie outside) in which case they are merely granted a re-roll on their resistance.    This appeal will fill the targets head with thoughts of despair and panic over the unending snow,  leading to flesh eating madness and possession by the Wendigo.  It will drive its puppet to kill and consume its fellows to transform them into husks.

Wendigo reside in regions that have certain characteristics of natural magic  .   In these regions,  eating a meal containing the flesh of your own kind has a chance of turning you into a cannibal husk under the control of the first wendigo to call upon you (automatically succeeding in any appeal).  If this occurs because you are already under the sway of wendigo, all the better.  This is how a wendigo "breeds".      Each time a husk eats human flesh it takes a d6 points of mutation as its body and soul loses heat and begins to freeze from the inside out. A husk can gain nourishment from nothing other than human flesh (or whatever species it is I guess)   When the mutation takes over the ice inside the husk takes over and a new wendigo is "born",  acting as an extension of the original wendigo's sensory powers.   If the husk is somehow not under the control of a wendigo at this point,  it simply dies.

In proper 80's movie format,  killing a wendigo will also kill all of its children, and free any husks from their control.  The now freed husk will convert all of its mutation points to both damage and poison (1 point of mutation becomes 1 point of poison and 1 point of damage) and so will probably still die.

Wendigo also have several forms of innate magic that an enterprising wizard could pry out of their corpses,  but that could still come up in my game so I'll leave that part a secret.