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Friday, July 11, 2014

Upcoming Hard Cover printing

Hello Everyone,

Please let me know in the comments if you would like one of my fancy hard covers for NGR 5th edition and have not already let me know on Google+. I'll leave this up for a few days.

I will also be making this available as PoD, so you don't need a hard cover to get a hard copy.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dunnsmouth Feud Generator

I had hoped to have this extra content out for the greatest national holiday in the world.  I missed that deadline by three days.  As a little bonus content for people with a copy of Scenic Dunnsmouth, here is a generator to add some more feuds between the towns inhabitants. The idea being to ensure that no new rolls of the dice or drawn cards need to occur.  You can even retroactively add these conditions to a Dunnsmouth you've already generated if you wanted to.  While finger pointing and fires are already the norm once players get involved,  this can get the town even more riled up for the PC's arrival.

Wheel of Shenanigans


The wheel works as follows. Any time a result specifies a “friendly” family, it is the family counter-clockwise on the wheel. Any time it lists a “rival” family it is clockwise. They are indifferent to the family opposite. If there is no “rival” family, use the “indifferent” family. If there is still no match, ignore it. If there is no “friendly” family use the same family. If there is still no match, ignore it.

The Dunlops dislike the Duncasters for being hillbillies but pretending they are equals, but respect the quiet dignity of the Van Kaus. They dislike the Samsons as hillbillies, but accept that the Samsons at least “know their place”.

The Duncasters dislike the Samsons for being assholes, but like the generally wholesome Dunlops (if a bit snooty). They find the Van Kaus cold and aloof and don't really know what to make of them.

The Samsons hate the Van Kaus for being foreigners, but generally trust the Duncasters as being authentic and the most (after themselves) grounded family. They know the Dunlops are also local but don't really give two shits because they still act snooty.

The Van Kaus fear the Dunlops as the Dunlops have money, and thus potentially power. They consider the Samsons as posing the least threat. They are not sure how to react to the Duncasters, who on the one hand are as disorganized as the Samsons, but also hold the potential to become morally outraged and dangerous.

The comes the shenanigans. For every home with a result of 1 or 6 (do not count Magda or Uncle Ivanovik), it has a matching shenanigan (change chart to taste)

A: This household has a petty feud over an imagined slight with the highest ranking rival family.
K: This household owes a debt of honour (or equivalent) to the nearest friendly family.
Q: There was a past (secret) romantic entanglement between a member of this household and the rival household with a card value closest to a Queen (ties go to the closest)
J: This household is owed the Dunnsmouth Die Total in copper pieces from the lowest card household of a rival family.
10: This household is responsible for breaking a boat from the furthest away household of the same family. Tensions are high about replacing it.
9: The oldest member of this household is enraged at the youngest member of the furthest away friendly household for suspected vandalism. If the the friendly household's die result is even then the vandalism was their fault.
8: This household and the nearest indifferent household are at odds over a piece of treasure they found in a swamp. If this household has an even die result, the treasure is currently in their possession. It is a large carved stone idol of a pig, standing on its hind legs and staring on the sky. It is worth 140 silver pieces to a collector, but is actually from an old Roman ale house and is not a religious idol. The two household's will attempt to keep stealing it back.
7: This household borrowed a teapot from the nearest friendly household and has not returned it despite being asked like forty different times. This household is now holding onto it out of spite because they don't like the tone of the nearest friendly household.
6: There is a reluctant friendship between the youngest member of this household and the youngest member of the rival household nearest in card value (ties to the closest)
5: The three nearest households are not on speaking terms with this household after someone in this household got drunk a couple months ago and shouted into the swamp what they thought about their neighbours.
4: A member of this household and a member of the rival household furthest away recently got into a fist fight over a chicken they found in the swamp at the same time. The chicken got away and both sides threatened murder.
3: The oldest member of this household wants to kill the oldest member of the rival household nearest in card value to a 3.
2: The furthest away household of the same family is owed 40 copper by this household.

Kook: There is an Edsel sunk into the mud nearby. It is 90% rust at this point. This may not seem like a shenanigan, but this is still all your fault.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Release: Hark! A Wizard!

Happy Birthday to the greatest country I currently live in!  Today also marks the release of the second of my promised "Fat" books, full of all the in game content I use to run games.  The previous was "Rampaging Monsters" , this endeavour is for easier generation of wizards.  NGR uses a spell template system to make quickly generating a spell easy, but assigning a lump of them to an NPC wizard still took more time than I would like (i.e. greater than 30 seconds).  Hark! A Wizard! is a generator to give a series of grimoires to a wizard to quickly give her a selection of thematically appropriate spells.  It also makes player generated adventures that much easier to run by giving a list of mystical tomes a player can set about trying to hunt down (as well as what type of people are liable to have the tome).

The work features art and layout by the very talented Alex Mayo.

Available HERE.