Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rampaging Monsters in NGR


So awhile back James Raggi made a comment on Google+ questioning how terrible an adventure it would be to just have a T-Rex show up.

I do stuff like that all the time.  Sometimes having a monster trash a few villages is great fun.  This document is a toolkit to quickly generate a monster rampage in NGR.   How to stat out a monster you saw and through looked cool, why the monster is destroying hamlets, what rewards are offered, and how to generate a few rinky-dink little hamlets on the fly for the monster to destroy.

As the 2014 Edition of NGR gets closer,  I wanted to create a few different books of pure fatty goodness for using NGR in a practical sense.  This is the first (and who knows, if I get bored maybe the last) of these booklets.

It features some nifty art by the talented Alex Mayo who also worked on Scourge of the Tikbalang.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So what does your Dunnsmouth look like?

Now that Scenic Dunnsmouth has had a couple weeks to arrive in people's hot little hands and let them read through it,  I'd like to see what towns people come up with.

For those unaware,  Dunnsmouth contains the rules to generate your own unique version of the adventure every time you play it.  You can read the adventure cover to cover and still be surprised when you play it and never be certain what horrors you'll face.

Part of generating your version of Dunnsmouth is making a map.  That is what I want to see.  Here is one of my maps from a couple years ago when I started this thing.  I'd like to see if you can make a better map (and honestly it shouldn't be too hard).

So I am running a contest, with prizes!

Send me a picture of your map, and you could potentially win one of three hard-copy sets of A Thousand Dead Babies , The Gnomes of Levnec, and Scourge of the Tikbalang I custom printed for this purpose.

1 set will go to the best map by the important criteria of my petty whims (I choose one)
1 set will go to the best map as decided by plebeian consensus (a vote)
1 set will go to the best map as decided by the whims of the universe (a random entrant)

email me your contributions, post them on your blog and link it in the comments, or tag me in Google+ and I'll post it here for one month.  At the end of the month (April 18th), the winners will be chosen.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

So what is upcoming in 2014?

So, just to give people a bit of a heads up on what I am working on:

1.)  Helping with a project being done by two insanely talented people
2.) Slowly working on a Polynesia themed adventure
3.) Working on another small adventure I hope to pitch to LotFP
4.) Eagerly awaiting the release of Thulian Echoes
5.) And of course working on the 2014 release of NGR, the 5th edition.  I am hoping this one will blow the socks off of previous releases.

Hopefully I'll also be able to post some more things, and perhaps work up a few booklets full of "fat" content for running NGR,  content generators and guides and whatnot.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Scenic Dunnsmouth is now available!

Scenic Dunnsmouth is a re-playable adventure set in a time forgotten swamp filled with secretive, backwoods xenophobes with a dark secret.  Or maybe they don't have a dark secret and it is all in your paranoid imagination.  Or maybe there is a serial killer on the loose who simple THINKS there is a dark secret.  Or maybe there is serial killer and a dark secret.  There also might be a witch, and maybe a mausoleum.   There might be a lot of things,  but what is the deal with the cube?

Scenic Dunnsmouth is an adventure that is randomly generated before play using dice and a deck of cards.  It naturally builds its own intertwining elements and hooks.  This is an adventure you can slap into every campaign you run, even with the same groups of players.  If anything it gets more hilarious and more tense the more the same group plays it.

So go get a copy now to see some of the gorgeous art Jez Gordon has filled this sucker with.

Michael Curtis, author of Stonehell Dungeon and of  the Society of Torch, Pole and Rope blog had this to say after a play test:

"I had a tremendous amount of fun during my ill-fated sojourn to Scenic Dunnsmouth. It's a cunning bait-and-switch of an adventure and fellow travelers should heed my warning: Whatever you think is going on, you're wrong."

Evan from the blog "In Places Deep" (or as he prefers it to be called as often as you can In Deep Places) had the following to say:
"It has [Spoilers!]"

..thanks Evan.

Greg Backus of TrollZine and Quiet day in Heimdall says:

The first time I was genuinely frightened in a RPG session. It was the first time that I actually thought that the best thing I could do for my character was to just high-tail it out of there and not look back (I mean this as a compliment, BTW)

Still not satisfied?  How about some quotes from people you don't know and probably never will?

Totally didn't give one player nightmares  - Ryan
I wanted to rinse my uterus with bleach pretty much immediately - Mel
A good time that will haunt your nightmares - Josh
Surreal, creepy, disturbing - Gerry

Wow?  Look at those comments from people who are barely above anonymous!