Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Books are in! Soon to being shipped out!

I now have this years print run of NGR for 2012 from the binder. I am looking through to make sure no major errors, then shipping can begin!  Those who ordered a copy can expect and email from me today!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hogswamp and the drifting RFCS Northcote

To go along with something I have found really helpful in understanding settings,  for the sci-fi game I attempt to run on Mondays or whenever able (a spacehulk style dungeoncrawl)  I would use this helpful threefold method:

Tastes Like: Deep Fried Corn Dogs with a Whisky Chaser.
Sounds Like: Copperhead Road
Looks Like: Alien

Friday, June 15, 2012


There is a slight delay in receiving the finished copies.  Turns it outs yearbook season.

Books are printed just not bound.  My apologies for how long this process is taking.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Books getting shipped from Printer to Binder

Editing work on Scenic Dunnsmouth is progressing well,  and I just got my printed copies of Neoclassical Geek Revival for 2012 (as well as a surprise for buyers).   Off to the Binders then hopefully I'll have sexy new hardcovers to mail out in a week or two.

Hopefully its been worth the wait for everyone

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Appendix N for my Sci-Fi ConstantCon setting

Appendix N
Blade Runner
A Fistful of Dollars
Starship Troopers
Road Warrior
Blake 7
Babylon 5
Fallout 2

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Journal of Abraham Nermal: "Vampire" of the Mists

A transient drifter speaks over tea in a wealthy frogling's parlour.

Now I seen plenty o' dark things in my time in Nightwick,  terrors of the worst nature lurk in that cursed abbey.  Coincidentally,  who builds an abbey in the middle of a cursed forest.  Also,  who then builds a town sandwiched in between the the shadow of the cursed abbey in the cursed forest and a cursed swamp.  Oh, I didn't tell you the swamp was cursed too?  Assume everything near Nightwick is cursed unless ol' Abraham tells you it aint so, oh and how the swamp was cursed.

So, as I was saying,  Abraham here, I is a progressive sort and rather have a soft spot for you froglings, even if you aint normal looking folk like yours truly.  So when I heard that poor Boris 'ere wasn't able to make it back along the cursed road...wassat?  Did I say the road weren't cursed?  No, so assume the road was cursed, cause it are.

Anyway,  so poor Boris here 'ad 'is lil wagon he needed to get to Lychgate,  so I rounded up a few brave souls to ensure this 'ere lad made it.  Freddy is anotha frogling, good guy for a fro...uh..frontman in a minstrel show.  Also got me Stavros,  e's a hero type he is.  You should meet 'im afore he dies, at'll be soon too.  An he knew some preacher and some other swordsman.  So we set off on the road.  Yes the cursed one.  Well, if you know a non-cursed way out of Nightwick I'd love to 'ear it.

So we 'eads down to the road and not a few hours in we see's the big army of the pigmen.  Loads of em,  thousands o the blighters.   Abraham knows better than to risk precious cargo,  so we wait...wassit?  Oh yes, your son, yes, the precious cargo Boris.  So we waits for dark and tries to skirt around the cursed swamp?  'member how I said it was cursed? oh it are cursed,  Mire o' Princes they call it on account of all the pagan rich dandies who died in there.  Well, dying don't make ya dead in Nightwick.  Sure enough those pagan rich dandies came out o' the swamp and tried to eat everyone,  some sort of life suckin corpses.  I figure they might be Vampyr's,  I've killed a few o' those in that cursed abbey....  {A few minutes of silence follows}

Oi! Right, yes.  So I leads Boris an the wagon ta safety while poor Stavros does his 'ero thing and tries to you know {Abraham waves his hands around wildly while making a determined face} right! thas the word,  battles! So Stavros is there battlin the horde of undead dandies,  oh yes several I think,  and then poor Freddy stays to help...and the preacher..and the swordsman ran off.  I should have kept going with Boris,  kep 'im safe, forgive me for my foolishness but I went back and tried to help poor Freddy and Stavros.  Ended up nearly dying clinging on the rich dandies back afore he was slain.   Felt years drain from my life.  The noise roused the pig army as well, had to book it all night through the swamp,  lost the wagon o' Boris, had to leave behind much if we wanted to save Boris...so I hope you'll forgive the loss.

Everyone else took a nap,  but poor Abraham had to sneak ahead to check on Hommlet.  Oh you've 'eard of what 'appened there?  Well,  thank the sphere I saw that, didn't lead us into death's hungry jaws.  Not today death, not today.  Once again we had to sneak by in the moonlight,  make it to the great swamp and sleep in the mud under the noon-day sun before making it to Lychgate.   Oh, and the angry mob outside.  Did you know they kill Froglings on site?  Got a few 'anging out front.   Stavros had to wade into the angry mob while I bravely took your boy over the wall.

Now...I was told there was some sort of reward offered?