Monday, December 26, 2011

Secret Santicore

Oh Wow! Look at that!

Read it an gush praises upon all those who contributed, in reverse alphabetical order!

Neoclassical Geek Revival

Neoclassical Geek Revival is the greatest RPG ever..written by me and produced in hardcover.

From the Foreword:
Hello reader, and welcome to Neoclassical Geek Revival (NGR). NGR is a fantasy heartbreaker RPG; it does what you would expect out of a traditional fantasy role-playing game. While NGR will work as a complete game I have no doubt it will rarely be played as such; This game is designed expecting that you will most likely see things in this game you would like to remove and plug into your own game rather than playing it whole cloth.
This game is designed to simulate low magic fantasy, but most mechanics are equally at home in a science fiction, action or post-apocalyptic game. The rules are designed to be as setting neutral as possible while solving commonly held gripes and bad tropes. In the writing of this game I used the following as guiding principles:
 1.) Funny dice are fun on their own merits
2.) Choices to make are better than problems to solve
3.) You are already familiar with role playing games
4.) You are not looking for gritty realism, but do enjoy the presence of the ‘fourth wall’
5.) Gaming is meant to be entertainment

  Fantastic Reviews!

This is possibly the best FRP I've read in decades, as much for what it simplifies as for what it enhances.

When playing the game quite a few things stand out to me as brilliant

I love the look of the book and the feel of the paper. 

My opinion? Neoclassic Geek Revival is WIN! Buy a copy! 

Overall rating: 9½ out of 10 stars. 

[you] could definitely find worse ways to spend your money

Its a Podcast!

Does that sound awesome?  If you want a copy, here is how! 

 A physical hard cover:   If you are interested in a physical copy of Neoclassical Geek Revival email my gmail account (Liberinterdico).  The book is printed on linen paper, and hard bound with a silk ribbon and gold stamping. When there is sufficient interest expressed, I will then make an additional printing. I am currently down to my book in my third printing and expect them to be gone before you read this.  The materials cost usually rounds off to about $30 CDN plus shipping. 

A PDF version:  Neoclassical Geek Revival is on sale with RPGNOW for a couple bucks CDN.  



Just shoot me an email and ask for a copy. If you are willing to agree to

1.) Not redistribute it, 
2.) Not make a physical copy of it and most importantly 
3.) Provide feedback on the game,  I can email you a PDF copy.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry X-mas!

May the damage Robot Santa inflicted upon your home's perimeter defenses be minimal and easily repaired for next year.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

List of things to tweak for the next version

So as I plod away on other projects,

I was wondering if anyone who has gotten a copy of Neoclassical Geek Revival, or played a few games has any suggestions for things to change,  typos to fix or rules to clarify?

1.) Better morale rules
2.) ?
3.) Profit!

anything else?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Santicore: The Lair of the Fungaloids

The Request:
Dear Secret Santicore...

I would like to request  a lair or set of encounters for Mutant Future that feature only mutant plant monsters.


The Result:

  A cult of ecoterrorists worshiping a mutant tree! the giant oak
tree up top however is covered in tree fungus and lichens.  The grove
it dominates is covered in rotten logs covered in fungus.  The
eco-terrorists seem to have been undone by mother nature.  The Oak
Tree itself has a wheezing face peering out and occasionally
whispering ""

If that isn't a draw, the eco-terrorists also had a tonne of old tech
weapons they scavenged.  I wonder if that hole in the ground would
lead to their secret cache of stolen valuables and ray guns.

A:  This is the entry.  The area is an earthen tunnel, long rotted
roots sprawling across the ground.  Small mushrooms of all shapes and
sizes, the occasional patching being phosphorescent, litter the area.
Radiation levels are high near the glowing fungus.  The tunnel forms a
ring around the oak tree up top, blocked off by two cobblestone and
scrap metal walls, with a healthy dose of clay globbed on to boot.
The walls are covered with scorch marks.

B:  The walls of this spherical room (meaning walls an d ceiling as
well) are made of spongy fungus.  Anyone dying or recently dead that
gets some in or on their body will become a fungal "zombie" and burrow
into the spongy fungus.  There are 3d4 zombies burrowed into the
floor, walls and ceiling already.  If anyone brings light into the
room, digs into the fungus or starts a fire anywhere underground, the
zombies will awaken and attempt to spread their contagion.

C: A pile of valuable and shiny looking material is at the back of
this long, narrow and cramped tunnel (about two feet wide).  The walls
are covered in a think layer of fungal slime that acts as Novocaine
with a slight acidity (dissolving flesh over the course of weeks)
requiring a saving throw to avoid being paralysed for three hours
after removal from the slime.  At the end are 3 random metal weapons,
a random pile of shiny junk and piles of gold and silver jewellery,
covered in the transparent slime.  Two rubbery and dissolving
skeletons are also present, laying on top of a giant puffball.  If the
puffball is touched too suddenly it will explode in a cloud of
corrosive enzymes for 3d6 damage.

D: Getting into this sealed area requires knocking down the walls
(intelligence check or in doing so you cause a cave in for 2d12
damage).  This sealed room is full of salt lines and burnt out
torches.  In between the salt lines are several random weapons,
several skeletons and large puffballs.  Accidentally stepping on one
releases a cloud of deadly spores (1d4 damage to all present).  Make a
dex check for each thing a person wants to check out, failure
triggering a cloud of spores.  A gate blocks access to E, the gate is
controlled by a terminal/puzzle box (PC's must win a game of
"MASTERMIND" to open it, else it seals permanently).

E:  Heart of the tree, a beating heart (the size of an ox heart) that
is grey and nearly dead.  It is covered in toadstools and mould.
Cleaning it and splashing fresh blood on the heart gets it pumping
again.  The tree will begin springing to life and releasing antibodies
to quickly kill off the fungus (2d20 rounds).  Of course entering this
room summons the slime-mould from the well in F.

F:  This region has a cobblestone well in an otherwise bare area.  The
well looks a good 20 feet deep with liquid in it.  That liquid is a
massive slime mould with 100hp, and it can only be harmed by
flamethrowers, acid vats and similar sorts of things.  At the bottom
of the well are literally buckets full of shiny metal trinkets and 3d4
metal weapons.  The slime mould will head to E if the players open the
gate.  It moves fast and will arrive in 3 rounds, pouring into any
opening.  It will reinfect the tree heart if the can eat the PC's
first and will not leave the lair.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you for some reason are looking to pay for this

Neoclassical Geek Revival is now available on RPG now!

Or you could, you know, email me and just ask.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Neoclassical Geek Revival will soon be available upon RPG Now

Sometime in the next few days PDF copies of Neoclassical Geek Revival will be available for $4 from RPGNOW.  Note however I still will be giving them out for free to anyone who actually emails me,  but putting it on RPGNOW does give me access to a larger audience.

Why don't I put it up there for free then?  More people will download it if I charge money.  I noticed Neoclassical Geek Revival (despite being free if you just email me and agreed not to pass it around) was available on torrent sites.   So I made a tweak and put a copy available on torrents,  it looks like it has gone around about 600 times that I can track.   Much more than when it was free to download from Pen and Paper games.

So,  if people are too lazy to just email me and say "Hi, I would like a complimentary copy!" or just want to throw $4 minus royalties my way,  you can soon get a copy from RPGNOW.   Note I am not allowing print on demand copies to be made, I am still very particular about quality.