Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stealth Update:

So the latest major rework of piecemeal is currently the stealth system. This rules re-work is to move stealth missions from an "all or nothing roll" to a "partial results" system with increasing danger and tension, ie: the good draws of combat.

So currently its a case of ratcheting boredom of the guards versus suspicion that something is up. This works well for chases and escapes, but its causing some problems for break ins where its an active thief versus a passive watchman.

Thus I have been reworking it so that the player does not accrue boredom against the guard, they merely accrue suspicion until they are caught. Thus they can never "safely pass the guard", they always move past: its just a case of how many chances the guard has to catch them. This also works well in a combat situation: allowing a rogue to act as an assassin or sniper, spending luck points to decrease suspicion (And remain hidden while firing) rather than against blows from a warrior.

Now I just need to merge this style in with the "chase" system in both a simple and logical manner. The implementation of this has really increased the use of stealth, mostly because non-rogues can now be useful contributors where before they were just a liability who sat behind and munched on pringles while the rogue hogged the solo spotlight for 30 minutes.