Friday, September 13, 2013

Thulian Echoes being released

So Lamentations of the Flame Princess is having a crowdfunding campaign for its upcoming Referee Book and it seems to be doing well.

You may have noticed that awhile ago "Thulian Echoes" quietly slipped into my listing of adventures and game systems.   It is being released as part of the LotFP crowdfunding campaign as an exclusive extra. While I imagine the PDF may be available after the campaign,  the physical copies are a campaign exclusive offering.

But what is Thulian Echoes?  Long time readers of the blog may remember that years ago I was planning on releasing an adventure tentatively named "Xenophon".   This is that adventure, after several more rounds of playtesting through the years.  Now that I have taken this moment to add nothing substantial to your understanding but still pander to my longer term audience I can go into a little more detail.

Thulian Echoes is an adventure about the opportunist wizard Xenophon, mostly considered a political metaphor for way treasures seemed to "magically disappear" when Titus sacked Jerusalem, never making their way to Rome.   But there is evidence this wasn't just a metaphor slathered with Roman bigotry toward Greeks, an empty tower on the edges of the known world filled with treasure.  It's not like the place will be filled to the brim with schizophrenic conspiracy theories come to life in Brilliant Technicolor!

 And it is a sure thing too.  The adventure is already written, it is just in grammar and spelling editing (and then it will be off to layout and art to look fantastic and be useful).  I had originally planned to promise every backer a free PDF if the LotFP crowdfunding campaign failed to fund,  but its already hit its first stretch goal as of writing this so you'll actually have to back the campaign and choose this as an extra to get a copy (note you can back for just the 1 euro mark, you don't need to get a copy of the referee book).

There are several adventures I've written already that should give you a good idea of the way I write and the content I add.  If you've liked any of them you will probably like this adventure.

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