Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pelgrane Press Fire Sale

Pelgrane Press is having a fire sale,  in that a talented artist who works with Pelgrane (Chris Huth) had his home catch fire.   The proceeds of the sale are to help Huth get back on his feet.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adventure Convertotronica - Greekish..


Classes (Mechanically the same)

Fighter = Hoplite
Magic User = Philosopher
Cleric = Priest
Thief = Inventor
Elf = Nymph
Dwarf = Celt/Barbarian
Halfing = Satyr

Monsters (Mechanically the same)

Goblin = Satyr
Orc = Centaur (alternative:  Roman Legionairre)
Troll  =  Minotaur
Skeleton = Skeleton
Lich =  Shade
Dire Wolf =  Lion
Dragon =  Hydra (alternative: Chimera)

Dungeon Dressing
Walls =  Cyclopean blocks of stone held without mortar (Mycenaean)
Doors = Heavy timber doors bound with rusted bronze
"Dust" =  Silt and brine residue
Chests = A damp wooden chest with rusted bronze bindings.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adventure Convertotronica - Surreal Medieval

"Surreal Medieval"

Classes (Mechanically the same)

Fighter = Knight
Magic User = Wizard
Cleric = Friar
Thief = Bandit
Elf = Jester
Dwarf = Grumpy Old Hermit
Halfing = Gnome

Monsters (Mechanically the same)

Goblin = Boggart
Orc = Cynocephali
Troll  = Blemmyae
Skeleton = Skeleton (type: Dancing)
Lich =  Grim Reaper
Dire Wolf = A great pale hound
Dragon =  Jabberwocky

Dungeon Dressing
Walls = immaculatey placed bricks of light coloured stone
Doors = Rounded oak doors, carved from a single smooth piece.
"Dust" = Plain ole dust
Chests = A small stone box with a sliding lid

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