Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 in review

Hello everyone,

So I set some goals for myself in 2018, things I was determined to make.

A small DCC Adventure, The Ghoul Prince:  Check

What was the point in this?  
I had been playing in a bunch of DCC games and wanted to try my hand at writing a DCC adventure.  Its not my system of choice but I do respect its unique flavour.  I wanted to stretch my muscles a bit and it was a good opportunity to work with Mike's publishing label. He's a good guy to work with. I think this is a fun little adventure and I got to test out some things, but as with any move to a new genre, system, or setting there will be a loss of experience and thus I have no doubt I could improve upon this adventure in many ways.  Reviews are always helpful to the writer.

The Scenario from Ontario, a writing competition between myself and Kiel Chenier: Check

What was the point in this?  
This was a light hearted follow up to a comment Kiel made in a podcast with Reynaldo Madrinan. Boxing day 2017 we had a 24 hour LotFP writing competition with a panel of crack judges to determine who was the better adventure writer. Kiel was a good sport and it was great fun.  Whats more this not only won us both an ENnie but more importantly I got to have James Raggi IV give an excellent speech on our behalf

A small 5e Adventure, Shadows of Forgotten Kings: Check

What was the point in this?  
This was a chance to do what I had done with the previous two entries. Stretch my writing muscles by writing an adventure for a system that I had been playing even if it isn't my system of choice, and two, get in a horrendously petty competition with Kiel as we were the only two authors in this imprint and so could directly compare our titles sales.  With great sadness Kiel has somehow won this one.

A board game of murder and 90's era conspiracies: Check

What was the point in this?  
This one squeaked in under the wire due to the Canadian postal strike. The first two copies (a proof and few copies to go to two local backers) arrived the other day and they look good. This is the second board game I've made and it is for a quicker more social game.

The great millstone around my neck:  Check

What was the point in this?  
I started City of Tears in 2012 and had hoped to have it done mid 2013.  I had bungled every aspect of project managing this one as I wanted very specific people working on it to suit my vision and of course, scheduling 4 different A-list RPG freelancers who have a million other projects is a nightmare if you aren't organized enough. They were all great to work with and the finished product looks amazing.

The NGR Anthology: Check

What was the point in this?
I had a bunch of NGR/OSR adventures that people wanted in print. I don't normally make most things available in print so I made a compiled omnibus of 10 adventures. I will at some point do a second volume.

The NGR Art Editions:  Check..ish

What was the point in this?
I had long wanted to take advantage of PoD printing to do what it can do that offset can't (as easily) and have variant editions.  Currently there is the Public Domain art version, the Scrap Princess art version, and the Dyson Logos art version.  The kickstarter did significantly better than anticipated and so some additional versions were unlocked which are not yet done (The Chris Huth, Alex Mayo, and Luka Rejec versions).

Lamentations Adventures:  Double Check

What was the point in this?
The Punchline is the originally intended LotFP release I was doing this year.  I am quite happy with it and the art is absolutely gorgeous though I am always eager to hear feedback on these things.  Back in late April, James approached me of doing a special mini-release for GenCon. It was a really tight turn around to get it ready ( I needed to write it, run it multiple times, and get art, cartography, and editing done in a month).  Thankfully Scrap Princess was available as I always relish an opportunity to work with her and "Going Through Forbidden Otherworlds" was born.

The Shitty Side:

So Google+ is dying and I don't really use much other social media. I run some games on Discord. I am currently a year into my bronze age game that it turns out is actually a sci-fi game.  Drop me a line if you want to get in on one of the NGR games I run.

I have logged into MeWe, but honestly it doesn't draw me.  Not that it can't be great, but the amount of effort to curate feeds and figure it out... that is time I am not spending on other things.  I think on this one I'll wait and let the early adopters figure out the best way to use it and then follow suit a year later.  Facebook is not going to happen and twitter isn't my speed.

I am planning to set up a Patreon, but mainly just as a way to do a bunch of smaller releases of mini adventures.  I'll let you know more in the new year.

But if I do fade away with the death of G+,  I gotta say this year was a good last hurrah for my game design.

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

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