Saturday, June 2, 2018

NGR Play Example: Conflict

In this scene the party is confronting a Sidhe princess who has gained mental domination over a merchant that owes Abraham and Jack a large amount of money.

GM: So the Princess sits upon a throne of lashed together elk antlers in the center of the standing stones. Andre the merchant, as well as an octogenarian  noble in a scale shirt and gold crown, stand at her sides with glassy eyes. She gazes at Sir Vancierge...

Chuck (Abraham): Woah woah woah,  how can she know exactly which direction we are coming from.

GM: Well she could have just ensured she is facing you as you approach...

Chuck (Abraham): And she turned the entire throne to face us? I mean, it doesn't sound very stable so it can't be easy to just turn.

GM: Ok, so which direction are you approaching from?

Chuck (Abraham): Well, we are probably sneaking up from multiple angles since we knew she would be here at midnight.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I am not, I am just boldly marching up to face her.

Chuck (Abraham): What? Why?

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Just trust me on this

GM:  So which direction is everyone facing.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I come at whichever direction she is facing on her throne

GM: She is facing due east, the sun would have set behind her.

Chuck (Abraham): Then I would try to sneak around from the West.

Tom (Jack): I also try to sneak around from the West.

Kim (Thaugo): I try to sneak from the North.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I try to sneak from the West too.

GM: Ok, so these stones are in an open grove in an otherwise dense forest.  You can approach to the edge of the treeline without any real risk. That is two areas away.  It is a full moon so the darkness is 2.

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  This could go south at any second.

GM: So initiative then

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  I roll my Agility die for my initiative, I get an 3 on my d8 and am therefore defending myself by default. I also plan to use my Faerie Lore skill to grant a +1 bonus, giving me a 4.

GM: Just to be clear, how the Faerie Lore going to help? I can think of several ways.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I plan to bargain with her and launch an appeal to her honour.

GM: Ok, Everyone else?

Tom (Jack): I choose to roll my Intelligence die for my initiative, I get a 5 on my d12 but am therefore not defending myself by default.

Chuck (Abraham): I have the Quick-Witted Rogue power so I roll both my Intelligence and Agility die and choose which one I want. I get a 7 on the Agility die and a 1 on the Intelligence die. I choose the 7 and am therefore defending myself by default.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I roll my Agility die for my initiative and get a 4 on the d8. I am blessed which gives me a +1, so my initiative is 5 and I am defending myself by default.

Kim (Thaugo): Neither die is great anyway, so I will play it safe and roll my Agility Die. I get a 1 on my Agility die, my initiative is 1 and I am therefore defending myself by default.

GM:  The Princess rolled her Agility die for initiative and got a 6 on a d10. The merchant rolled his agility die and scored a 2 on a d6, while the knight rolled his agility die and scored a 3 on the d6. There are no ties.  Initiative 1 is up first, Kim?

Kim (Thaugo):  So I am using both actions to take two move actions to reach the standing stones.

GM: You will move at the end of the round, but until then you are still in your area.  You also won't have an action left to defend yourself from attacks, appeals, or attempts to spot you.

Kim (Thaugo): I have the Parkour Rogue power so I can defend myself as a free action when I take a move action.

GM: And thank god free means it doesn't take any of your two actions as it costs zero actions instead of some weird method where you have different arbitrary categories of things you can do in a round.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Yes, we get it. You don't like the Wednesday night game system.

GM: Ok, so next goes the Merchant.  He is going to keep watch to try and make a detection roll North.

Kim (Thaugo): At this point there isn't any indication where we are coming from,  wouldn't he just be scanning a random direction since there aren't 4 guards?

GM: I suppose so, I'll roll which direction he is peering towards the treeline. I rolled a d4 and got a 3. Never Eat Shredded Wheat, so he is gazing to the treeline at the South.  He is calm so his..

Everyone: We don't care, no one is there

GM: Maybe there is, maybe there is a third party in the south also trying to help out?  So he is calm, his dX roll is 10.  It is a detection roll, so he adds his stealth modifier of +1, and subtracts the darkness of 2 and the distance of 2 areas.  His detection roll is 10+1-2-2 for a total of 7.  He does not spot anyone.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Am I next?

GM: Sorry, next is the elderly knight.  He is keeping watch in a random direction. I roll a d4 and got a 3. He is gazing West.  He is also calm,  so his dX roll is 10.  His stealth modifier is -1, the darkness is 2, and it is 2 areas to the treeline.  His total detection roll score is 5.  Everyone at the west needs to make an evade check.

Chuck (Abraham):  I am calm so I have a dX roll of 10.  I add my stealth modifier of +5 and a +1 bonus for a dark cloak.  My evade check is 16, which is higher than 5 so I avoid detection.

GM: And to confirm, you don't have a lantern lit right, you can't hide with a light source.

Chuck (Abraham): Ya, I thought about it but decided against putting a glowing beacon in my hand when attempting a stealth mission.

GM: Fair enough, jeez. Everyone else?

Tom (Jack): I will interrupt that action to defend myself as I am not doing it by default and my initiative is higher than the elderly knight.

GM: Oh right, the Princess should probably interrupt to try and spot you first.

Chuck (Abraham): But she still really has no idea that this particular direction has anything going on, wouldn't it be random?

GM: I suppose, she'll wait to see what happens.

Tom (Jack):  So I am still calm, my dX roll is a 10.  My stealth modifier is +2, but my breastplate gives me -2.  My total Evade check score is 10. That is greater than 5 so I avoid detection.

Julia (Brother Cadmus):  I am zealous so I have to immediately become reckless in a conflict.  So I am rolling a d20 for my dX. I roll a 2 and have a stealth modifier of +1 for a total of 3.  This would mean I suffer a hit, so I shall use my available second action on a do-over by Remaining Perfectly Still.  I roll another d20 and score a 1.  This is a worse result so I keep the 2. I still suffer a hit, which gives the Elderly Knight a success. I also tried and failed a do-over and suffer a penalty. In this case the Elderly Knight scores an additional success.

GM: The Elderly Knight uses the first success to score a repeating Perception Die of Suspicion against you, and the second success will be to double the result.  I roll a d4 for his Perception Die and get a 2. He doubles the result to 4.  You suffer 4 suspicion.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Is it worth it for me to spend luck to negate this guys?

Chuck (Abraham): Did anyone remember to bring missile weapons so we can pepper him with shots?

Tom (Jack): I did.

Chuck (Abraham): Then the rest of us can't stay hidden forever anyway, and its open ground to the standing stones and we can't be hidden if they look at us before we reach them.  Don't waste luck points.

Julia (Brother Cadmus):  Ok, I accrue the suspicion.

GM: I feel compelled to explain how that will impact you in great detail for some reason.  When those accrued points of suspicion equal you Agility score you will be found.  When they reach half your Agility score you will be unable to do anything beyond hide without being found.  You also suffer a penalty to all evade checks equal to how much suspicion you have accrued.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Of course, and it is perfectly normal for us to explain these common mechanics in such detail.

GM: Guy?

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  I am spending one action moving forward and the other talking to the princess, making an appeal to ask her to release the merchant.

GM: You really think she will just give him up?

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I think she will stubbornly refuse despite me proving the error of her ways, but that will mean she can't use any fate points in the battle.

GM: Fair enough, but if she wins you will be in the same position.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Ok, I make an appeal to her and call out. "Fair princess, show your mercy upon the lesser creatures and free our friend".  I am still calm, so my dX roll is 10. I add my entire presence modifier of +4, and we are two areas away so that is a penalty of -2 for a total score of 12.

GM: The Princess is still calm, so her dX roll is 10. She adds her presence modifier of +6  and a +1 bonus for sitting in the throne, for a total score of 17.

Chuck (Abraham): The throne gives a bonus?

GM: I figure its similar to ceremonial clothing, it has a regal nature.

Chuck (Abraham): Isn't it a pile of antlers?

GM: In the shadows of standing stones it seems cooler than it would it broad daylight.

Chuck (Abraham): So would we get a bonus for a throne?

GM: If you were sitting in one I suppose, be hard to move about though.

Chuck (Abraham): How much are palanquin chairs?

GM: Not important right now, who is next?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I would be next but I spent one of my two actions defending myself and the other "Remaining perfectly still" as a do-over action.

GM: Jack is also in 5, but you two are on the same side so it doesn't matter who goes next.

Tom (Jack): I have already used one action defending myself. I am not sure what the princess is going to do so I should hold my action.

GM: There is no such thing as holding your action.  You can only hold off on acting until you initiative count, initiative is crucially important in conflicts.

Tom (Jack): How could I forget such a basic concept, I use my action to load my bow.

GM: The princess is next.  Sir Vancierge isn't defending himself and she is still calm so it would be an automatic critical hit if she went after him in some manner,  but as Cadmus has 4 suspicion there is rustling in the bushes and she might be leery of treachery.

Chuck (Abraham): Lots of options, what is she doing since she can't hold her action either.

GM: She is haughty and arrogant, who would dare try to ambush her? She sneers at Sir Vancierge. "He trespassed in my domain, even among your mortal nobility is that not a crime for commoners to do?".  She is calm so her dX roll is 10, she adds her presence modifier of 6 and a +1 bonus for the throne she is sitting in. She takes a penalty of 2 for the distance.  Her total is 15.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I did not spend an action to defend myself this round, so I have no defence. That makes it a critical hit.

GM: She has two successes.  As I didn't specify what she was doing, the default for an appeal is an intelligence die of influence.  Her second success shall be to double the result.  Her intelligence die is a d8.  She rolls a 4 on the d8, and adds a bonus of +1 for her skill "mortal meddling" to make the total of 5.  She then doubles the total result and scores 10 influence.  This builds up against your will.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I do not spend any luck points to reduce the amount of influence I take.  I have 12 will so I am not yet discredited in her eyes.

GM: I think Abraham is the last to go.

Chuck (Abraham):  I have already used one action defending myself, my next will be to move one area closer to the standing stones.

GM:   At this point movements happen.  Thaugo moves to the standing stones.  Abraham moves to the open ground to the west of the standing stones, and Sir Vancierge moves to the open field just east of the standing stones. Its the now the next round. Initiatives everyone.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I rolled my Agility die and got an 3.

Chuck (Abraham): I rolled by my Agility die and my Intelligence die because I am Quick-Witted. I rolled a 3 on the d8 and a 3 on the d4. So I will use my Agility die result of 3.

Tom (Jack): I am rolling my Intelligence die. I roll a d12 and get a 2, which is quite bad as I won't be defending myself automatically.

Kim (Thaugo): I roll my Agility die and get a 4.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I roll my Agility die and get an 8. I am blessed which gives me a further +1, for an initiative result of 9.

GM:  The merchant rolls a d6 and goes on 6. The Elderly Knight rolls a d6 and goes on 2.  The Sidhe Princess rolls a d8 and goes on 1.  Jack and The Elderly Knight need to roll off.  The Elderly Knight rolls a d6 and gets a 2. He is on 2-2.

Tom (Jack): I roll a d6 and get a 1. Crap. I am on 2-1, and will have to go before the Elderly Knight.

 GM: The princess has the lowest initiative and is going first regardless. She is going to demand Sir Vancierge grovel and depart.  She is calm so..

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I interrupt her to throw my sword at her since I am now only one area away which is throwing distance.

GM:  The sword has the defensive tag, you specifically can't throw it effectively.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Ok, I throw my crowbar then.

GM: That is in your backpack, you'd have to use an action to try and draw it.  Backpacks take ?d4 actions to find the right item. So you would roll a d4 and only manage to grab the crowbar in your rummaging if you roll a 4, that could take several rounds if you are unlucky.

Kim (Thaugo): I interrupt to cast the miracle "Bless" on Sir Vancierge.  Can I pay for it using his own Piety points instead of using my own?

GM: He is part of the Holy Church while your patron is a malevolent demon of the abyss, so no. If you want to bless him with your infernal patron's magic you'll have to cash in your own piety.

Kim (Thaugo): Ok, its just 1 piety anyway.  Guy, Vanny Boy now gets a +1 bonus to every die roll.

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  Ok, I spend my first action trying to get the crowbar. I roll a d4 and get a 1, so I don't get it.

Kim (Thaugo): Spend a fate, since once her appeal goes off you will be discredited and unable to use them after you stubbornly refuse to grovel and flee.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I spend a fate point to re-roll. I get a 3. I guess its time to burn more.

Kim (Thaugo): Wouldn't the +1 bonus from the fate make that a 4, I am pretty sure it does.

GM: Uh.. does it?

Kim (Thaugo):  Yes.  Yes it does.  Unless you are going to look up a rule in play and not only be scorned but give us bonus awesomeness at the end of the night.

GM: Fuck it, I guess it does.  You grab the crowbar. That means you had to drop either your sword or shield to hold it though.

Note.  It doesn't work that way since ?d4 doesn't mean roll a 4 or more, its roll the maximum result. But there ARE specific rules against looking up rules. 

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I drop my sword.  I use my second action as part of the interrupt to hurl the damn thing at her head. I am still calm so my dX roll is 10. I add my combat modifier of +4 and a +1 bonus for the crowbar being a blunt weapon. I also subtract -1 for the distance for 14.

GM: You also subtract 2 for the darkness.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Ok, so 12.

GM: The Elderly Knight will block to take the defence for her as a free action since he has Guard.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): He can't, he has lower initiative than me.

GM: Damn, ok the Merchant could do it and spend an action...

Tom(Jack): Phew

GM: Oh wait, no that doesn't make sense as they know there is noise over there.  Fuck it, the attack is 12 right?

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Yes.

GM: Ok, so she is calm and her dX roll is 10, and her combat is +2 so she is fine.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Isn't she prone? Because she is sitting on the throne?

GM: Well she isn't prone really...

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Well I should at least get the high ground bonus then, but I thought that was prone.

GM: Ya, that's reasonable because you could knock her prone from her chair.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): So that should be a 14 for the attack, and don't give me the "no bonuses after the roll" since Prone should have given her a penalty to her defence instead of a bonus to my attack.

GM: Fair,  so with 14 she will have to roll because her defence would be 12 if she stays calm.  She will become reckless and roll a d20 since an iron crowbar could mess her up.  She rolls a d20 and gets a 13. She adds 2 for her combat modifier and ducks as the crowbar zips by her head.  She is going to cast..

Guy (Sir Vancierge): This was all an interruption remember? She was about to launch an appeal. She can't change her action now.

GM: Oh right.  Well you aren't defending yourself and so she'll auto crit and deal those last two points of influence.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I might spend luck, she could also roll a 1 and fumble since she isn't calm anymore.

GM: Fair enough, ok I roll a 13 and..

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Ya its fine, I become discredited.  I am not going to leave or grovel so I choose stubborn refusal.  I heal luck at the worst possible rate and can't use fates this encounter as I believe in my heart of hearts I am in the wrong even if I won't admit it.  She made a good point with the appealing to my social class.

GM: Ok,  next is Jack.

Tom (Jack): First I defend myself.

GM: The Elderly knight is interrupting to try and scan the treeline to the west.

Chuck (Abraham): Since he will spot me in the open, I interrupt to throw my silver dagger at him.

GM: Go for it.

Chuck (Abraham): I am not a great fighter, and its dark so I probably won't hit calm as he has a shield right?

GM: Yep.

Chuck (Abraham): So I will become reckless and roll a d20. I get a 13, which is my lucky number. Rolling your lucky number on an attack while reckless gives me an opportunity attack. But first I will finish my main attack.  I rolled a 13 and add my combat modifier of +2 but subtract the range penalty of 1 for one area. My attack total is 14.

GM: The Elderly Knight is calm and has a dX score of 10.  His combat modifier is +1 and his medium shield gives him +2 more.  His mail shirt gives him a -1 penalty which makes his total 12.  You hit him, but it is not a critical hit. He is wearing a golden crown that counts as a helmet so you would need to beat his defence by 8 to score a critical hit.   A mail shirt is only partial armour and would be bypassed on a critical hit, but as you did not score a critical hit it will protect him.

Chuck (Abraham): I roll a d4 damage and score a 3. I have low strength and suffer a -1 damage penalty to 2. I do 2 points of damage.

GM: His mail shirt absorbs 3 points. Technically you threw a silver dagger and this is a steel shirt so if we bring materials into play it would stop more..

Chuck (Abraham): Do we need to worry about material

GM: Maybe you should stop trying to use a silver dagger as a standard weapon if you don't want it to come up. Doesn't matter for right now anyway.

Chuck (Abraham): Ok, I also get an opportunity attack though.  This is any attack that isn't with my main weapon.  This is a ranged attack though so my options seem limited.  Maybe the impact of the dagger hitting his mail shirt caused him to stumble backwards towards the throne, bumping into it and potentially knocking the Princess prone?

GM: Ok, roll for it as a standard Knockdown attack.

Chuck (Abraham): I rolled a 3 on the d20, so I doubt that is a hit.

GM: The Princess is reckless, so maybe.

Chuck (Abraham): Oh right, its not against the Elderly Knight.  So I add 2 for a total of 5.

GM: I rolled a 15 on the d20 for the Princess. Her throne is jostled and she glares at the Elderly Knight, but nothing more happens.  Then the Elderly Knight completes his action.  He automatically spots Abraham since you are standing in the middle of open ground.

Chuck (Abraham): I am not wasting an action defending myself against that.

GM: And being still calm, he still scores a 5 onto a detection roll to spot both Cadmus and Jack.

Tom (Jack): He interrupted me defending myself so I can't do anything except take a hit.

GM: Correct, he beat you by 5 so that would be a critical hit

Tom (Jack): You said the crown counts as a helmet, meaning he'd need to beat my defence of 0 by 8 to score a critical on a detection roll.

GM: Oh, my bad. You are right, just a regular hit.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I do not defend myself and so also suffer a hit.

GM: Ok for Jack he rolls an exploding perception die and rolls a 3 on the d4.  You suffer 3.

Tom (Jack): I plan to stay hidden and snipe so I pay 3 luck points to reduce that suspicion to 0.

GM: For Cadmus it is a critical hit since you had a total score -4 right?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Yes. Wait .. no. I have the Zealous Trait. The bonus it gives me to counteract always being reckless in a conflict is I ignore penalties for accruing points. He just scores a regular hit, the same as against Jack.

GM: He rolls an exploding perception die and will double the result. He rolls a 4 on the d4. This means he can roll again. He rolls a 4 on the second d4.  He rolls a THIRD d4 and gets a 2. He has caused 10 suspicion.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I have now suffered 14, which is higher than my Agility score so I am spotted.

GM: So the elderly knight peers westward and see's Abraham standing in the field and spots the crazed Flagellant standing in the tree line, who luckily shields Jack from view. Next the merchant will try to spot Jack before he hides..

Tom (Jack): Woah, you have to announce and resolve all of your interruptions at once. You can't wait for a lower initiative interruption to resolve before interrupting yourself.

GM: Oh, that is right.  So no need for him to decide an action now.  You successfully begin defending yourself.

Tom (Jack): My second action is to shoot at the Elderly Knight. I am calm so my dX..

GM: You spent luck points, you have to move to at least On Edge.

Tom (Jack): Right. So I roll 3d6 for my dX and get 1,2, and 4.  7 is my lucky number but lucky numbers only count when you are reckless. I add my combat modifier of +2 and take away 2 for the darkness and 2 for the range. My total is 5.

GM: The Elderly Knight is still calm, so his defence is still 12 meaning you miss. Next up is Thaugo on a 4.

Chuck (Abraham): I am next actually since I haven't yet used an action to defend myself.  Andre has a rapier right?

GM: Yes, but it is still sheathed.

Chuck (Abraham): Ok, I spend my action moving into the standing stones.

GM: Ok, you will arrive at the end of the round. Now it is Thaugo.

Kim (Thaugo): I try and shove the Elderly Knight into the standing stones. I'll make it a knockdown attack. I am using my hands so that is a +1 for a blunt attack and my combat modifier is +0, and there is a -2 darkness penalty.  I will become reckless and roll a d20.

GM: Just a reminder, attacking in melee will expose you, you won't be hidden.

Kim (Thaugo): Yep, so I roll a d20 and get a 13. I add +1 for blunt , +0 for my combat modifier, and -2 for the darkness for a total of 12.  This is a knock-down attack primarily so he cannot use his shield for defence as a side effect of that type of attack.

GM: He uses the quickdraw combat trick to draw his sword for 0 actions.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I watch him do that, I have the Combat Tricks power so I can try and learn that later.

GM: Yes yes, but that is a downtime activity.  For right now this lets him parry and gain +1 on his defence. That would make his defence 11 if he stayed calm. But he will become reckless and roll a d20. He gets a natural 20 which is an epic success and automatically defends.

Kim (Thaugo): Aww

GM: Worse, he has the Riposte combat trick.  When he gets a natural 20 or a lucky number on his defence roll while parrying he can make a free attack with his sword.  He rolls a d20 for the attack and rolls an 8.  He has a combat modifier of +1 and his sword gives a +1 bonus when attacking for a total of 10.

Kim (Thaugo): I am reckless and roll a d20. I roll a 2 and add my combat modifier of +0 as well as a +1 to my defence for being underencumbered for a total of 3. He beat my defence roll by 5 and I am not wearing a helmet so that is a critical hit.

Tom (Jack): Leather armour counts as having a leather cap by default. Unless you specifically removed it at some point, that means he'd need to beat you by 6 to score a critical hit.

GM: Ok, so not a critical then?

Kim (Thaugo): Oh, its definitely a critical. No way is Thaugo messing up his hair with some stupid hat.

GM: Make note, +2 awesomeness to you at the end of the night.  The Elderly Knight slashes with the sword for d8 damage with a -1 penalty for strength.  He has two successes since it is a critical hit and will decide to use the second success to automatically do max damage on the d8. He thus scores 8 damage, -1 for low strength for a total of 7 damage to Thaugo.

Kim (Thaugo):  Thaugo is size 2, so that is halved to 3 damage since any partial is ignored.  Thaugo's armour then absorbs another point, lowering damage to 2.  I spend 2 luck points.

GM: Next up is the merchant.  He hasn't had to defend himself and Cadmus is too far away..

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Maybe I will cast a miracle on him, I could interrupt after all.

GM: Ok, fair enough.  First action is to draw his rapier and his

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I interrupt to start running two areas towards the stones.

GM:...O...K? you don't move until the end of the round.

Julia (Brother Cadmus) I know, but the order is important.  I start moving then he draws his rapier.

GM: Fine, then he throws his rapier at Abraham who isn't defending himself

Chuck (Abraham): A rapier is a defensive weapon, just like Sir Vancierge's sword you can't effectively throw it.

GM: Oh shit, ok so then he..

Julia (Brother Cadmus): He already announced he was drawing it and I already interrupted so that has been resolved.

GM: Ugg

Julia and Chuck high five

GM: Fine his second action is to move east into the same area as Sir Vancierge.  It is the end of the round so movements happen. Abraham and Cadmus move into the standing stones and Andre the merchant moves east to face Sir Vancierge.   Everyone roll initiative.

At this point the group stops noting the math for how Initiative is calculated, figuring everyone should have gotten the idea from the last two rounds.

Chuck (Abraham): 2 on Agility
Guy (Sir Vancierge): 7 on Agility
Tom (Jack): 12 on Intelligence
Kim (Thaugo): 4 on Agility
Julia (Brother Cadmus): 2 on Agility
GM: The Merchant Andre is on 5, The Elderly Knight is on 6, and the Sidhe Princess is on 3.  Chuck or Julia, one of you goes first.

Chuck (Abraham): I'll go first.  I clutch my holy symbol and exorcise the unclean Sidhe.

GM: You have the exorcist power, you don't need a holy symbol to do that

Chuck (Abraham): Yes, but it gives me +1 to my faith when brandished and its an iron holy symbol against a faerie folk, that will do double damage.

GM: Fair enough, what are you saying?

Chuck (Abraham): "By the saints above, you must retreat back under the earthen mounds!" , that way I can add my digging skill with damage. I roll a d20 and..

GM: Why the pause

Chuck (Abraham): Fuck, a 1 on the d20. Epic failure. I assume my holy symbol bursts into flame?

GM: Quite the opposite, as you brandish the iron symbol she cackles "You have no power here!".  You can see your breath linger in the now frigid air. The cross becomes deathly cold and frost coats both it and your hand causing frostbite.  You suffer a repeating d4 of damage.

Chuck (Abraham):  I roll a 3 on the d4.  I spend 3 luck points to reduce that to 0 damage.

GM: Julia? Brother Cadmus is next.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): That crowbar is still on the ground right?

GM: I suppose so

Julia (Brother Cadmus): And its Iron right?

GM: Yes

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I drop my club and pick it up

GM: This is a swirling melee at this point, so you'll have to make an Agility check to grab it.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Yep, I roll a d20 for my dX and get a 13.  I add my entire..

GM: We already did the Attribute check explanation.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I get a 27, I grab it.

GM: Are you defending yourself as your second action?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Nope, I am going to brain the Princess.

GM: Ok give me a second, a whole bunch of interrupts are probably going to happen here.   Ok, first up the Princess interrupts you to attempt to mentally possess Cadmus. That is just an appeal except it causes stress, potentially causing mental domination in her case.  She is doing this on a 3. Is anyone interrupting her?

Kim (Thaugo): Thaugo is interrupting her to bash head in with a spiked club on 4.

GM:  Ok, Andre the Merchant is interrupting you to stab Sir Vancierge

Guy (Sir Vancierge): That needs to be an interruption?

GM: It will force you to spend actions you can't use to throw something else with your own interruption.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Fair enough, I will interrupt to plead with Andre to fight the mental control of the princess on a 7.

GM:  Ok, lets now resolve this in reverse initiative order.  Sir Vancierge is up first.

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  Ok, I make an appeal against Andre by shouting "Fight it Andre, I know you are still in there". I could be calm but as a princess she probably has the leadership power like I do which would let the Merchant use her presence on his resistance roll and I know hers is high.  So I will become reckless and roll a d20 for my dX. I roll a natural 20 which is an epic success. The modifiers really don't matter since only another epic success could defend against it.

GM: Andre becomes reckless and rolls a d20 and rolls a 14.  Technically he could add +6 to his presence because she does have the Leadership power, but it won't help.  You score a critical hit, so you .. hrm.. how would that work since he is mentally dominated.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I was thinking like a knockdown check but for his brain?

GM: Yes, you can use those successes that way but he'll make will checks to avoid falling over gripping his head instead of agility.

Chuck (Abraham): Is that a rule

GM: Its a ruling, so lets go with it.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): If he's fighting it, wouldn't be opposite? Andre has to fail a will check to not grab his head?

GM: Fair enough, but remember he is a slimy weasel so he has low will.  He rolls a d20 for his attribute check and gets 12. He adds his 7 will and fails.  This is a critical success though,  so your second success improves it up to off balance as he gets a headache trying to remember who he really is.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Cool

GM: Continuing the chain of interruptions, he then attacks you with an extra -2 penalty for being off balance. He rolls a d20 and gets 11.  He adds +1 for his combat modifier and +1 for the rapier being a light weapon for a total of 13.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Doesn't he get -2 for darkness?

GM: Oh right, so 11.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I roll a d20 and get a 10, which is my lucky number.  I have combat modifier of +4, with -1 for chainmail, +1 for parrying with a sword, and +2 for my shield.  My total is 16 and so I defend myself. I also rolled my lucky number on the defence while parrying so I get a free attack with my sword because I too have the riposte combat trick.

GM: Ok

Guy (Sir Vancierge): So I roll a d20 and get a 12. I am attacking with the flat of my sword to make it a blunt weapon to try and deal stun damage.

GM: Its not meant for that, it'll add the crude and ineffective tags to the attack and lose any good ones a sword gives.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Sure,so a 12 and I add my combat modifier of +4, +1 for a blunt weapon and -1 for a crude weapon.  Oh and -2 for darkness for a total of 14.

GM: Andre rolls a d20 and gets a 9. He gets +1 for parrying with the rapier and +1 for his combat modifier which is 11, meaning you score a hit but not a critical hit. A stun attack deals 1 point of stun on a non-critical hit.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): He is also off balance,  so he would have a 9. And as he is not wearing a helmet that means it IS a critical hit.  Stun deals a strength die of stun damage on a critical hit. I also have an additional success which I will use on a knockdown.

GM: Ok, go for it.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): So I roll a 6 on my d8 and I am using my Fencing skill to add +1 since this is sword play that is causing the stun, for a total of 7 stun.

GM: The Princess is his leader so she can spend her luck points on him. She will spend 2 luck points to lower the amount of stun he took to 5, so he is not knocked unconscious as he has 10 strength and will pass out if he takes more than 5 stun and/or damage.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Next he needs to make an agility check because he was struck.

GM: He rolls a d20 and gets a 13. He adds his 10 agility for a total of 23. He suffers a -2 penalty for being off balance and a -5 penalty for the 5 points of stun for a total of 16. He fails and becomes off-balance. He is already off-balance so he becomes prone instead.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): My stomp combat trick allows me to make a free stomp attack on anyone who goes prone in front of me.

GM: The combo begins

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I roll a d20 and get 9. I add my combat modifier of +4, +1 for blunt attack of my foot, and +2 for the high ground advantage since he is prone and has no nearby allies. I subtract -2 for darkness for a total of 14.

GM: Andre rolls a d20 and gets a 19.  He adds +1 for his combat modifier and +1 for parrying. He subtracts 5 for being prone and 5 more for stun.  This makes his total 11, which is a hit.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): The stomp combat trick does a strength die of damage. I roll a d8 and get a 3. I don't want to kill him so I don't add any skills.

GM: No more luck is being wasted on him, you stomp on his gut and break a few ribs. He passes out. Next in the interruption chain is Thaugo.

Kim (Thaugo): I noticed you've been forgetting the +1 bonus to everything because I blessed you.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Oh shit, thats right.

GM: Too late now though, Kim?

Kim (Thaugo): I make an attack with my club.  I roll a d20 and get a 12. I add my combat modifier of +0. The club has a total modifier of +0. +1 for being blunt but -1 as a vicious weapon due to the spike. My total is 12.

GM: Because he has a higher initiative than you, the elderly knight is using a block action to defend in the place of the princess. This costs 0 actions because he has the Guard warrior power.

Kim (Thaugo): Isn't that an interruption?

GM: No, its part and parcel of how block actions work. They are declared after the attack roll but before the defence roll.

Tom (Jack): But the block itself can be interrupted right?

GM: Yes

Tom (Jack): Then I interrupt the block action with both of my own to reload and fire at the Elderly Knight.

GM: Ok, roll it.

Tom (Jack): I roll 3d6 and get 14. I add my combat modifier of +2, but -2 for distance and -2 for darkness for a total of 12.

GM: The Elderly Knight rolls a defence and gets a 5 on the d20. He adds +1 for his combat modifier, +2 for his shield, and -1 for his armour. He cannot parry an arrow so his total is 7.  He has a helmet so though you beat his defence by 5 it isn't a critical hit as you would need to beat his defence by 8 with a helmet.

Tom (Jack): I roll a repeating d6 for damage and can add my perception bonus of +1 to damage since it is a missile weapon. I roll a 2 and add +1 for my perception bonus doing 3 damage. That seems low so I use a fate point to re-roll. I roll a 6 on the d6 which lets it explode and add another d6. I roll a 1 on the second d6.  I don't like that so I am spending a second fate on that 1, I re-roll and get a 5.  My damage total is 6+5+1 for 12 damage.

GM:  His armour absorbs 3 points, but that is still 9 which would drop him.  Thaugo would potentially crush the Princesses brain so she is spending her last 6 luck to stop him from dying by reducing the damage he takes from 9 to 3.  He is injured, but not enough to collapse.  He then takes a defence roll against Thaugo's attack of 12.  He rolls a d20 and gets a 10. He has +1 for parrying, +2 for a shield, +1 for his combat modifier, -1 for armour and now -3 for injuries. His total is 10 which is a hit.

Kim (Thaugo): Thaugo deals 1d6 +4 damage. I roll a 2 so that is 6 damage.

GM: You can't add a larger bonus to the die than what you rolled. You rolled a 2 so you can only add +2 for a total of 4.  His armour absorbs 3 points, and he has 8 strength so even with the extra point he is still technically standing.

Kim (Thaugo): You forget that Thaugo is size 2. That 4 damage becomes 8.

GM: Oh right, shit. So the Elderly knight is paste. He is goes flying into the nearest standing stone with a noise like he was a bag of wet dirt.

Kim (Thaugo): Sklorp

GM: The Princess is next.  She goes all Cate Blanchett and screams in a booming voice "You dare stand against the ancient court of the Sidhe?".  She rolls a d20 and gets a 17, with her bonuses that is a 24 so she is going to make this a statement by spending her second action. On a hit this will therefore score an extra success.  She has the oration bard power which means that everyone within earshot is affected by this.  That is 24 for everyone in the stones, 23 for Sir Vancierge at one area away and 22 for Jack at two areas away.  Jack and Cadmus aren't defending themselves so they are critically hit automatically.

Tom (Jack): Fuckity fuck fuck fuck

GM:  This means 3 successes against them.  The first success will be to do an intelligence die of stress, so 1d10. The second will be to make the d10 result count as a maximum result of 10. And the third will be to double result to 20.  You both take 20 stress.

Tom (Jack): Ok, I have 13 luck left. So I spend that to lower the amount I take to 7. I only have 4 will because I am a mercurial coward so I will still go insane and fall under her spell. I spent 2 of my 3 fates re-rolling damage so I am down to 1 fate. To not be driven mad I need to roll a 4 or more on a d8 if I spend it to gain more luck points.

GM: Drumroll everyone, is this the end of Untouchable Jack?

Tom (Jack): I roll a d8 and get ... an 8! Ha! I actually have 1 luck point left over if I pay to reduce the stress to 0.  I am unstoppable.

GM: Boo, ok Cadmus.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I am in a state of grace, I can't be mentally possessed. I have True Belief in my heart. Specifically the True Belief priest power and a stockpile of 500 piety.

GM: You would go insane instead.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I suppose, I have 20 will so I only NEED to spend 1 luck.  But I'll spend my 9 luck points and take 11 stress. I will cash in a fate point for 1d6 more luck points as well. I roll a d6 and get 5. So I take 6 stress. I cash in one more fate point for 1d6 more luck points and get 3. I use them to lower my stress to 3 and that seems like a reasonable amount to take.

GM: Ok, Sir Vancierge?

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I roll a d20 for my resistance roll and get a 5. My presence is +4 so that is still a critical hit.

GM: You'll take 20 too.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I have 14 luck, so I will spend it all and take 6 stress.  I will spend a fate to gain d6 luck..

GM: You can't. Earlier you chose "Stubborn Refusal" when you were convinced of the error of your ways from her appeal and that prevents you from using fate points in this.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Well, I am halfway to being mindcontrolled then.

GM: Thaugo?

Kim (Thaugo): I roll a d20 and get an 19.  Unfortunately my presence is -1 giving me a total of 18 so that is still a critical hit.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I have the Leadership bard power, you can use my presence of +4 on the resistance roll.

Kim (Thaugo): In that case I have a 23, which is a hit but not a critical hit.

GM: Being a statement that is still a two successes. She will do 10 stress.

Kim (Thaugo): My will is 16 so I just take the whole hit.

GM: Not spending any luck?

Kim (Thaugo): I only have 2 left, and I have the Eccentric wizard power, so that 10 stress is going to be +10 to spell casting and counterspells due to the insight my madness will give me into the arcane.

GM: Ok, that leaves Abraham.

Chuck (Abraham):  Ok I roll the d20 and get 14. I add our dear leader's presence of +4 for a total of 18 which is still a critical hit unfortunately.

GM: That is 20 stress.

Chuck (Abraham): The Exorcism priest ability lets me spend luck on a 2:1 ratio against psychic assaults, spiritual possessions, and supernatural terror. I assume this qualifies?

GM: Pretty much textbook case.

Chuck (Abraham): I spend 10 of my remaining 12 luck to avoid taking any stress.

GM: Ok, that leaves Cadmus.

Julia (Brother Cadmus):  Ok, I make an attack against the Princess.  I roll a d20 and add my combat bonus of +3, +1 for being blessed, and hrm... whats a crowbar do?

GM: How are you using it? Blunt or are you gouging?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Oh, definitely using it to sink teeth into her skull.

GM: Then its piercing, and devastating. Its also not meant for this and has no weapon grips so its crude and unsuitable.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): So an extra -2 and -2 for darkness? +0 total?

GM: Seems right, its medium so it would do d8 repeating damage.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Here goes,  I roll a d20 and get a 5. I am spending a fate point. I get a 7 this time. I am spending another fate point.  I get an 17. So my total is ..wait, +2 for high ground so 19.

GM: High ground?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): She hasn't actually ever spent an action to get out of the damn throne.

GM: Wait didn't she.. No, shit she didn't.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): So 19.

GM: Well she rolls a d20 for defence and gets 4, with +2 for combat. She is using her fate to re-roll and gets an 8, for a total of 10.  So she is using her last fate for 12. Her score is therefore 14. Shit.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): So thanks to her not getting out of her throne I get a critical hit.

GM: Doubling the damage?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Nope, I am taking maximum on the first die.  So I get an 8, and roll another d8 to get...a second 8! I roll again and get a 4!

GM: And the other option?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): What

GM: Its unsuitable, you roll damage twice and pick the worst result. So one option was 8,8 and 4 the other is ?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Aww, fine.  The automatic 8 on the first, and 2 on the next d8.  10 with a bonus of +1 for me being blessed and +3 for me having Fervour and her being a faith enemy, what with her wicked adherence to the Sidhe courts. That is a total of 14.

GM: Ok, she has 10 luck so she takes 4 points of actual injury...

Julia (Brother Cadmus): Its also an iron crowbar, as a Sidhe that deals double damage right? so 28?

GM: So Brother Cadmus rolls to the ground and grabs the crowbar, springing to his feet as the world goes to hell about him and sinks it into the temple of the Sidhe princess.

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I pull her corpse out of her throne by yanking on the crowbar and then kick the damn thing over.

GM: Oh wait, Thaugo forgot to apply the -2 darkness penalty to the resistance roll against ..

Kim (Thaugo): Too late now.

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