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NGR Play Example: Attribute Score checks

In this scene the party is exploring a demonic temple built into the caves under a volcano.

GM:  So your path further up this tunnel is blocked by a massive stone disc that is sealing the passage.

Chuck (Abraham): Like how massive? Could it be shoved?

GM: Its huge, its an impossible task.

Chuck (Abraham):  As in -20 on a check,  or its like three hundred tonnes?

GM: Probably -20 on the check,  its like 10 feet tall but you aren't sure how thick it is. You haven't actually touched it yet.

Chuck (Abraham): Ok I give it a little shove

GM:  You have Detect Traps so making your Perception check

Chuck (Abraham): Ah fuck,  well I am still calm at least so my dX roll is a flat 10, plus my entire perception score of 16, and the Detect Traps power also lets me add my entire Stealth modifier of +5, for a grand total of 31.  My target number is 20 so I easily pass.

The entire table seems to not find it weird that Chuck is for some reason explaining the math of a very basic attribute check despite being an experienced player with a third level character.

GM: So you go to shove the door but your keen senses warn you something is off about the door, shoving it open might be dangerous.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Its uphill from us right?

GM: Yes

Guy(Sir Vancierge): Its probably that its so heavy that if we start moving it, it will become un-nested from its groove and fall on us.  Everyone who isn't shoving should just stay out of the way and the person shoving it just needs to be ready to jump out of the way.

Julia (Brother Cadmus):  Feel free to give it a shove then

Guy(Sir Vancierge):  Ok, I am going to dig the crowbar out of my backpack

GM:  There is no rush and we aren't explaining containers in this post so you just dig it out of your backpack.

Guy(Sir Vancierge): What odd phrasing,  but ok so I use the crowbar to give me an edge and set to work.  I have a +2 bonus from the crowbar and can I get the bonus from my siegecraft skill?

GM: Why would that give you a bonus?

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  Well this stone disk is meant to keep us out, and physically dismantling stone barriers is part of siege operations.

GM: That really seems more like what a sapper does than general siegecraft but whatever, take your +2.

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  So for me it will be dX +12 for strength, +2 for crowbar , +2 more for a skill... with a -20 I don't think I have a shot really.  Even if I became Reckless and rolled a d20 I kinda got crap odds.

Kim (Thaugo):   Well I have 20 strength,  so even without your crowbar I could do it.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): You'd still need a natural 20 though, but I could give you my crowbar for slightly better odds.

Kim (Thaugo):  You forget, I am wodewose and am size 2.  That doubles the result of my strength check.  I am not just incredibly strong compared to you, I am incredibly strong for a ten foot tall person.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Oh by all means, you try then.

Kim (Thaugo):  So I am still calm, so my dX roll is still 10.  My strength is +20 and the difficulty is -20 for a total of 10.  But as I am size 2 my total is doubled to 20, which is the target number for success.

GM: So the body builder giant calmly starts to slide the disc out of the way..

Kim (Thaugo): You may all applaud my greatness at your earliest convenience

GM: And then the spray of scalding water shoots out from the crack

Kim (Thaugo): I stop and move away

Everyone else (interrupting): We start booking it

GM: It isn't enough to do real damage to you with the fine spray, but you can hear it start to crack the disk.

Kim (Thaugo): I book it back down the tunnel too

GM: So you race away, and a few second later you hear cracking and the sound of an oncoming torrent of water.

Tom (Jack): Lets leap over that chasm at the junction so it diverts the water.

GM: Are you all going with Jack?

Everyone else: Ya

GM: Ok, the distance isn't great but it will require a strength check to make the short span.

Tom (Jack): Ok, I am still calm,  so if I have a dX roll of 10, and add 8 strength I will fail.  Can I add my Fencing skill for a +2?  Since fencing involves footwork.

GM: No, you are grasping at straws.

Tom (Jack): Fine,  I'll become on edge and roll 3d6.  I get 4,6, and 1 and add 8, which would be 19 and a fail.  So I take a fate point and re-roll that 1, getting a 3.  That brings me up to 21 which is a pass.

Julia (Brother Cadmus):  I calmly leap across. A dX roll of 10 + 11 Strength, +1 for being blessed is 22, and a pass.

Tom (Jack):  Aren't you zealous? Don't you always have to roll a d20?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I have to become reckless for conflicts,  we haven't had one yet this adventure so I haven't had to stop being calm.

Guy(Sir Vancierge):  I have 12 strength so I can also calmly leap across (10+12 = 22).

Chuck (Abraham): Well, it looks like I am rolling as none of my skills will help.  I become On Edge and roll 3d6.  I get 4, 5, and 2 which is 11. I add my 9 Strength and get 20 exactly so I pass.

Kim (Thaugo): I calmly leap over,  10+20 times 2 is 60, so I think I pass:

GM: Just barely, such a low margin of success.

Kim (Thaugo): Thaugo leads a life of danger.

GM: Now comes the landing.  The opposing ledge is narrow and sharp stalactites await you if you miss.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Stalagmites you mean

GM: Ok, you get to roll first.  Agility check.

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  Ok,  I have 12 agility, I am calm so 10+12 is 22 and a pass.

GM: Aren't you wearing armour and a shield?  Chainmail is a -3 penalty to agility checks and a medium shield is a -2.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): Ah shit, oh! but I had my crowbar out. Meaning I would have had to have put my shield away since a crowbar takes 2 hands to use.

GM (glaring skeptically):  Uh huh, fine.  That is still a -3 from chainmail meaning you fail if you don't roll.

Guy (Sir Vancierge):  Ok,  I also become On Edge and roll 3d6,  getting 3,2, and 2 which is 7 + 12 for Agility, -3 for Armour penalties, that is a fail.  So how much damage will the Stalagmites do?

GM: You'll be dropping onto them from 10 feet, and they are large spikes, so a repeating d8.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I trust my armour,  lets see what happens.

GM: I rolled a 5 on a d8, so you take 5 damage.

Guy (Sir Vancierge): I my chainmail reduces that by 3, so I take 2 damage. I spend two luck points to reduce it to 0 damage.

GM: Ok, who is up next?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): I am still calm so my dX roll is 10,  I add 13 for my agility, +1 for being blessed, and +1 for being below half encumbrance.  I get a 25 and pass.

Tom (Jack):  My agility is 13, I have -2 for my armour so I'll pass.

GM: You already moved to be On Edge, so you have to keep rolling.

Tom (Jack): Oh, I must have forgotten.  Ok I get 3,3, and 4. I add +13 for my agility and -2 for my armour, so I'd fail..oh but I can add +1 ..

GM: Nope, no more additions or recalculations.  Your bonuses are before the roll. You fail.

Tom (Jack): Fair enough,  but I didn't critically fail so my breastplate will still absorb damage despite being partial armour.

GM: Sure, but we aren't going to waste characters explaining that more.  The stalagmites do 2 points of damage.

Tom (Jack): So my armour reduces it to 0.

Chuck (Abraham): I guess I am next, I have an agility of 14, I am On Edge so I roll 3d6 and get 4,5, and 1.  10 + 14 is equal to or greater than 20 so I pass.

Kim (Thaugo):  My turn I guess.  My agility is poor so I would fail with a calm dX roll because 10+6 is only 16.  However I think my climbing skill should give a bonus.

GM: How so?

Kim (Thaugo): Well climbing through caves, as I did grow up in one, will involve dropping onto narrow edges just like this one.

GM:  Fair enough, so with that +2 you'd still need to roll.

Kim (Thaugo):  I also have +1 for being under-encumbered and another +1 for having my hands free as I drop my club and torch mid-air.

GM: You'll lose them you know?

Kim (Thaugo): They aren't valuable. So I pass then.

GM: Not quite since you are size 2 and the ledge difficulty , just like the difficulty of the disk, was in comparison to the size 1 people in the group.   Just as you doubled your strength result with the leap, you need to halve the result of your agility check.

Kim (Thaugo): Aw shit.  Ok, so I am going to need to roll and roll well.  Time to get reckless and roll a d20.  I get a 14, +10 is 24.  Halved is 12.  I fail badly.

GM: Thaugo is just too big to land on that crowded ledge and you slide off into the pointy rocks. I rolled an 8 on the first die, which repeats to get a 4 on the second.  You take 12 points of damage.

Kim (Thaugo):  Holy shitballs that hurts. I am size 2 however, so that is only 6 points of damage.  My armour also reduces that by one point to 5.  I cash in all 4 luck points to reduce it further.  Hey guys, should I cash in my last fate point for 1d4 more luck?

Julia (Brother Cadmus): You are a cleric..

GM: Priest, we aren't your Wednesday night group

Julia (Brother Cadmus): You are a priest with the miracles power,  save your fate and heal yourself.

Kim (Thaugo):  Ok, I take the 1 point of physical damage then.

GM: Ok, a stalagmite gouges your shoulder and you have a painful wound.  Remember that damage will be a -1 on all your future dX rolls until its healed.

Kim (Thaugo): I know, but did we escape the water?

GM: Yes, a split second later it gushes over the lip of the chasm on the far side and pours down to form a torrential river.

 See what all the negative hype is about!
Rated 1 Star!

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