Monday, June 25, 2018

Heads Up! Upcoming NGR 3-book Kickstarter

Hello everyone,

I've been mentioning this as upcoming for the last 6 months or so,  but with any luck I hope to be able go live with a Kickstarter within the next week (give or take). Edit: It's LIVE

This will be an opportunity for you to get a hold of The NGR core rules, a compendium of my NGR/OSR adventures, and a new desert themed dungeon (The City of Tears) featuring art by Jez Gordon and maps by Dyson Logos.

You will also have the option of getting a special version of the NGR Rulebook with art by the talented Scrap Princess (Sample  title page below).

This will be a fairly simple affair without many bells and whistles and with a small goal.  For some of these works (such as the Compendium),  I don't intend to make it available for sale online as a going concern so you will have a limited opportunity.

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  1. I cannot wait for this! Your work is inspirational and makes for excellent adventures. Thanks!