Monday, March 5, 2018

Whats upcoming

So I don't often talk about I am puttering with and working on,  but for those who care here is a fairly complete list of things that are expected out this year (and are either complete or at least my portions are).

The Ghoul Prince

What is it?:  This is a DCC adventure where I experiment with with horror movie mechanics as well as a system to enable easy switching of settings.

Who publishes it: DIY RPG (Hubris, Demon City, etc)

Shadows of Forgotten Kings

What is it?: Shadows of Forgotten Kings is a fifth edition adventure involving a trek into the jungle in search of a ruined city.

Who publishes it: Zero/Barrier Productions (Dyson's Delves, Etc)

Murder at Devil Pines

What is it?: A board game set in 1991 America, as federal agents deal with a supernatural conspiracy.
Who publishes it: Neoclassical Games (Pioneers of Mars)

City of Tears

What is it?: A dungeon adventure for Neoclassical Geek Revival set in a quarantined desert city
Who publishes it:  Me as part of a trilogy kickstarter

Stuff without covers yet

The Adventure Anthology

What is it?: A physical copy of all of my previous NGR/OSR adventures in one book
Who publishes it:Me as part of a trilogy kickstarter

NGR art edition

What is it?:  An updated copy of NGR with actual professional art rather than being public domain
Who publishes it: Me as part of a trilogy kickstarter

The Scenario from Ontario

What is it?: On Boxing Day 2017 Kiel Chenier and I had a 24 hour writing contest to write a small LotFP adventure about maple syrup. This would be those two adventures for your comparison with professional art and layout (which were outside the scope of our initial competition).

Who publishes it: Me, or maybe Kiel, we'll see.

The Punchline

What is it?:  An adventure about missing children, Satan, and clowns.
Who publishes it: Lamentations of the Flame Princess

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  1. Amazing list of stuff! Will Support your KS once it launches!