Saturday, March 24, 2018

What is in the pipeline?

So I recently put out a blog post detailing what is done (or at least done my portion) and will be coming out in the current year.   But I am always tinkering on the next thing.

For those who follow at all I am running an early iron age game, so you can expect some small adventures to emerge from that particular forge.  The game is based on a mythic underworld so the good adventures that bubble to the surface will be in that vein.

I am also still working on my Four-Dimensional Hyperdungeon, which has been done for several years but has constantly vexed me for how to effectively present that information for use at a table. With any luck I'll have that done and in the queue by end of year.

My underground adventure "Hall of the Mountain King" is still half transcribed from notes, as I wonder where I should snip its tendrils to fit into one release. The problem being that all of my work stems from things tested through gameplay, and I run campaigns. Finding where I can make a clean break is sometimes hard to do without losing the charm from the adventure threads.

I have also begun tinkering on another boardgame, but it is still really early in its infancy.

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