Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Upcoming Trilogy Release

This year I plan to release a trio of works in one (likely) crowdfunded campaign.  It will have the following three works,

1.) A version of NGR that has "Hark! a Wizard" and "Rampaging Monsters" included as appendices and new art.

2.) A compendium of all of my NGR/OSR adventures until the end of 2017:
- A Thousand Dead Babies
- The Gnomes of Levnec
- Scourge of the Tikbalang
- Under the Waterless Sea
- Trail of Stone and Sorrow
- The Gem Prison of Zardax
- The Price of Evil
- Temple of Lies
- The Roots of Bitterness
- Down in Yon Forest

3.) City of Tears,  which is an NGR dungeon adventure, set in the ruins under a plague ravaged desert city.  It features art by Jez Gordon, layout by Jensen Toperzer, and maps by Dyson Logos.

These will be physical books, and not all of them will have electronic copies available.


  1. Are you planning on doing a print run, or just going print-on-demand?

    1. Depends on support, but ideally a print run. Part of that will also depend on Canada/US trade issues.

  2. Excellent news! I'm looking forward to them.