Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Riders of A Thousand Names

One of the expeditions in the land of Xan Than Du managed to track down the riders of a thousand names to their secret fortress.  The riders of the divine storm, the winds of destruction, protectors of the path,  horsemen of the emperor's will.  They have thousands of names for themselves and go into great lengths to know and boast of as many as possible. They follow no official chain of command to the Emperor of Xan Than Du and often act as bandits against even his forces,  but they see themselves as staunch defenders of the Xan Than Du culture and the religion of the Southern Path especially.  They are honour obsessed seek reknown and fame. To this end they raid the great northern desert, but are especially hostile to French forces.

Combat Equipment

Leather Poncho

2 silver
Light, Partial Armour,  (Ornamental is optional)


40 silver
Leather Cap,  Ornamental

Twin Katanas

100 silver (always sold as a pair), ?d2 weeks
Medium, Slashing, Hand and a Half, Defensive


2 silver
Throwing, Exotic, Entangling, Blunt

Repeating Crossbow

5 silver
Medium, piercing, repeating, ineffective

Exploratory Gear

Dowsing Rod

10 silver

Medallion of the Southern Path

45 silver

Sacred Oils

10 silver


Skin of Pomegranate Wine

6 copper, 1 dot

Tiger Meat

20 silver, ?d8 weeks
1 dot

Herbal Salve

3 silver

Cheap Horse Feed

1 copper for 1 day (for a horse)
2 dots

Sorghum Bread

8 copper for 3 days
2 dots



150 silver


200 silver, ?d4 weeks

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