Friday, January 27, 2017

How I write an adventure pt 1: The short version

I have seen a couple really good posts detailing the process of writing an adventure for publishing from people I enjoy reading  (here and here).

This made me decide that I should hop on the bandwagon and detail my process.  This will be broken into two posts.  The first is an abridged version, the second a longer more in depth explanation with examples.

The important thing to remember is that writing an adventure for publishing is a lot like drawing an owl:
Step 1:  Flesh out a rough skeletal frame.
Step 2: Write the rest of the fucking adventure.

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  1. I _still_ don't get how to email someone from g+.
    Anyway: I'm a fan of your stuff and we know some people in common (I knew Chris K before we each knew the other gamed). I've been using a DM tool called Realm Works, which is basically a relational database for keeping track of rpg campaigns. They're creating a content market to sell DnD material in that format. I'd like to enter your module "A Thousand Dead Babies" into the format. You could price it like you would the pdf.
    Email me, Jon at if you are interested in me doing that.

    Here's some links: