Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Caravansary in the Secret City of the Nomads

For any regular readers,  this is a reference table for use in my Xan Than Du game so that it can be referenced in play.

The Caravansary
Your presence changes prices by 5% per point.  Each point of infamy to the French decreases price in the Caravansary and vice versa for infamy with the locals.  Occasionally the caravans will be out in the desert and can be encountered beyond the confines of the secret city. Goods from the Bazaar in Guam-Yaiv may also be purchased at triple their normal price,  having been acquired through banditry.

Combat Gear

Bamboo Lance

Large, Pole, Piercing, Light
5 silver

Horn Bow

Small, Piercing.  30 silver
Obsidian Arrows: 1 silver for 6 arrows

Tortoise Shell Shield

 Small shield.  5 silver

Ivory Knife

 Small, Piercing.   200 silver
                            ?d8 weeks

Requires a combined presence+standing of 6+


Signalling Mirror

40 silver


1 copper for 3



 6 copper, comes with 1 day of water.

Dried Dates

 1 silver a day
 1 dot


7 silver


3 copper for 4 days
2 dots

Prepared Cactus

2 copper for 1 day.
1 dot

Local Meats

 4 copper a day
1 dot


1 silver for a pipe (1 dot)
2 silver for a dose.
30 doses can be stowed in  1 dot pouch.



60 silver (triple for war trained)


75 silver (triple for war trained)

Tiny Dog

 1 silver (triple for fattened version)

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