Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A rival expedition in the land of Xan Than Du

Session 1 of the Google+ game

A newly arrived expedition of British Explorers arrived in Guam-yaiv,  staying with a friendly British merchant. This is a rival expedition to the home group, which you had seen in previous posts.

Their founding members were the devout aristocrat Lord Dingleberry, a superstitious opium addict named Cecil Fernsby, and Arizona Jones, a British emigrant to Texas, fresh from the Mexican-American war and eager to return to his home country as a member of the Royal Explorers Society.

As they took their first trip to the local bazaar to purchase initial supplies and perhaps name their expedition,  they engaged with small talk among the merchants to learn some rumours,  seeing if anything would hook their interest.

One thing that did was a local commotion as French soldiers ransacked the market looking for someone in a hurry.  As soon as they passed they heard  a muffled plea "Aidez-moi" as some rough men hauled a figure wrapped in a blanked away, disappearing into the back alleys.

Rushing to action before the hook expired they chased the group into the alley, except for Cecil who climbed onto a roof to gain an aerial view.  They tracked the kidnappers to a shady opium den in an alley, guarded by a stern looking doorman who was keeping away the beggars.

While Joe attempted to converse with the angry guard Cecil attempted to stealthily drop a brick on his head.  Unfortunately the beggar turned out to be a second guard and leaped to his feet with a throwing dagger in hand.   Lord Dingleberry was amazingly quick on his feet and interrupted this by calmly pistol whipped the beggar in the temple,  knocking the beggar unconscious and sadly getting blood onto his shoes.

The split second commotion seemed to give the guard enough were with all to expect an attack,  but he was too slow and the brick still struck him and knocked him out like a light.    Angry at the blood ruining his shoes,  Lord Dingleberry kicked the peasant beggar to death while the party decided to kill the guard and take his key to the opium den.

The party descended into the compound and found a room of impoverished addicts,  but spying a still valuable signet ring on one of them,  Joe snuck in and grappled with the unfortunate soul.  To contain the struggle he ended up needing to bludgeon the victim to unconsciousness with a series of punches.

They bypassed the latrine and continued deeper into the compound where they found a room full of clerks and a single guard.  They were counting coins and sorting great heaps of opium.    The party burst into the room and decapitated the guard before demanding the clerks surrender.  The shower of arterial blood really added to the weight to the argument for surrender and so the clerks did.  A great haul of gold coins and opium was quickly thrown into a sack while light zither music emanated from the VIP room further in.

Cecil did some quick math and realized that this opium den could never hope to turn a profit given the few patrons it could hold at full capacity and the number of guards and staff it housed.  They interrogated the clerks as to the location of the kidnapped Frenchwoman and ascertained that she was being held in the lavatory they had passed earlier.

Backtracking to the lavatory they had passed earlier,  one of the clerks attempted to make an escape when they approached the door.  He was quickly struck with a knife in the back and left to bleed out on the floor.   The party discovered secure tie on points hidden in the ground near the latrine and discovered that midway down the pit (about 20 feet) was a secret chamber.

Cecil descended and nearly fell 40 feet into a mound of fetid waste,  but managed to hold his grip and enter the secret passage.  It opened into a room with a large amount of climbing supplies including a rope and grapnel tied onto the wall.  Cecil throw the grapnel back up so that the party, including their 4 hostage clerks, could descend.

Moving through this secret underground structure they found a series of blue stone arches.  The clerks intentionally set of some sort of tripwire, causing the arches to hum loudly and give away their position.  None of the clerks were able to escape the volley of loud gunfire and sword strokes.

The party continue deeper into the complex, finding a storage room full of millet, water casks, and an unusual round sarcophagus.  As they began to investigate,  crossbow bolts whizzed into the room from a hidden archer somewhere in the darkness down the hall.  Lord Dingleberry attempted to abscond with the sarcophagus but it began to shake and a large serpent quickly escaped from it.  As Joe dropped his candle and bolted down the hallway to find this hidden archer,  a female face appeared in the darkness and began to whisper to Cecil.  Lord Dingleberry could barely contain his horror as he saw that this female head was sitting atop the body of a great serpent.  He fired his pistol at point blank range and managed to slay the beast in a great torrent of black tar as its body aged a thousand years an a few seconds and crumbled to dust.

Cecil and Lord Dingleberry raced down the hall after Joe to find him grappling with an armoured warrior with a bizarre serpentine dagger.    The three of them combined were able to quickly dispatch the guard and steal his valuable silk and mail armour.   Injured and certain of more guards alerted to their gunfire they bravely rushed towards the sound of running water, hoping to find the kidnapped Frenchwoman.

And on a great stone slab, surrounded by fresh coals that warmed the air,   was a great snake finishing its meal,  two feet in European ladies shoes sticking from its mouth.  Joe aimed and with great luck was able to shoot the snake dead in a single shot so it could not escape into the water.  Whats more,  the shot didn't also kill the Frenchwoman, in fact it barely destroyed a single calf of hers.    Using his medical skills from the Texas Navy,   Joe was able to revive the woman despite the long odds.

The party retreated quickly and alerted the French garrison who stormed the location, finding it hastily abandoned and encountering only some resistance from a few stragglers.

The party gained great favour among the French garrison for saving a captain's daughter,   but also incurred great ire among the locals for thwarting this blow to the occupiers.

Foes Vanquished:
1 Beggar
1 Bouncer
1 Washed Up Opium Addict
1 Guard
5 Clerks
1 Temple Guard
1 Ancient Serpent Woman
1 Blessed Python

Treasure Recovered:
Treasured Family Heirloom Ring
Opium Den Treasury (39 gold, 491 silver)
Opium Den Supply  (13 small pouches)
Ancient Round Sarcophagus
Suit of Brass and Silk Mail with Serpent Emblems
95% of Mademoiselle

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