Sunday, July 24, 2016

Down Time Activities in the lands of Xan Than Du

My current game is set to run with an assumed week in between games. This allows for some healing,  but also a time to generate new adventure hooks, or gain new skills.  The following downtime activities are available.

Tranquil Relaxation
Required Standard of living:   Medium or greater
The character spends his days contemplating philosophy, painting, or sipping tea and/or gin on the veranda.   Devoid of conflict the character heals a point of stress.

Required Standard of Living:  Low or Medium
The character gets involved in games of cards, liquor or other intoxicants, and engages in trivial pass times.  They regain luck as if their standard of living was one level higher.

Required Standard of Living:  Any
The character pores through library records, or hunts down leads in seedy establishments, or whatever is appropriate for the rough topic being sought. If researching,  an intelligence check with an arbitrary penalty for difficult determines success or failure towards gaining information towards a single question.  For investigation, a charisma check is similarly made.  

Martial Training
Required Standard of Living:  Any
The character seeks out a trainer to further their martial prowess (ie, combat tricks).  You have to find new teachers beyond the fencing instructor at the lodge,   Jean Dumas.

Jean Dumas requires not more than 3 infamy with the French and a High Standard of living in Guam-yaiv,  he knows fencing related combat tricks.

Skill Training
Required Standard of Living:  Any
The character spends the week practicing a new skill.  They may make an intelligence check,  if they do they earn 1/12th of a skill.  When they have 12 successes towards a skill, they learn the new skill.

Charitable Work
Required Standard of Living:  Medium or Less
The character helps the poor and needy, and perhaps throws in some religious conversions. They heal luck at one rate worse than normal but also gain 1 piety and reduce the negative effects of infamy by 1 for the following week (then people forget the deeds you have done).

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