Friday, July 1, 2016

Cliffhangers in games set near Xanthandu

Its summer.  People have things to do and cannot always be present each week.

To that end, when playing games in my current setting the party starts the week in any town they have reliable access to,  which means they begin with their starting city each week.   If they can open routes to other areas such as by (but not limited to): making friends with local chiefs and headmen, buying writs of passage from the colonial government,  clearing trade routes of bandits,  buying a boat they gain new options for where to start each week.  It also assumes there has been a week between games in game time.

This of course poses a problem for what happens if they don't make it back to a safe area by the end of a night's game.  If there isn't special circumstances (like they are locked in a jail cell, or are in a besieged castle) they may end up rolling on the table below if their level is less than the number of hexes to a safe area.  If they are poorly supplies, add 2 to the number of hexes.  If they are in a fight, add 2 more.  If they are well supplied add 2 to their level,  if they are in a safe area (such as a friendly hunter's camp)  add 2 more to their level. A character may "be a hero" and subtract 2 from their level,  to add 2 to every other character's level.

If they are still up the creek, roll a d8, d6, and d4 to see what happens.

d8 result
1   Saved by
2   Found by
3   Chased by
4   Attacked by
5   Robbed by
6 Imprisoned by
7 Tortured by
8 Killed by

d6 result
1  Caravan
2  Tribe
3  Bandits
4  Slavers
5  Cannibals
6  Animals

d4 result
1 nothing
2 d6 stress
3 d6 damage
4 d6 disease, contract a disease

1 Learn of a new location, treasure, or monster on the secrets table
2 Married to a local in bizarre ceremony
3 The vicious beating leaves a multitude of facial scars
4 You were brought into the dungeons, but cast to the shore with the lepers upon contracting it.

5  They remove and eat a limb before you escape and roll again next week.  (d4 result is limb)
6  You have been adopted by a family of apes who nurse you for d4 weeks/games before releasing you

 You fell into a pit with punji sticks, or perhaps down a small chasm and broke your leg.  Rats, scarabs, or ants soon devoured you alive.

1,2,3  You, through guile and luck,  manage to secure a pouch of 25 gold
2,3,4  You make it back to town with the help of a local who vows to serve you (free henchman)
3,4,5  You end up with a spear and shield
4,5,6  You escape with a horse or other steed, able to roll again next week if somehow imprisoned.

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