Friday, July 29, 2016

A new adventure in time for Gen Con, potentially free!

So currently I have some works on offer with a Bundle of Holding   that ends in a little over 75 hours as of the time of posting this.

It is currently the third most popular bundle of holding of all time.   But I am nothing if not competitive.   If this bundle of holding can climb its way to the number 2 spot by reaching $28, 564 I will release a free adventure in time for GenCon this year.   At the average bundle price,  this is about 160-175 new bundle purchases.

Plus, it helps a charity.

With a free adventure its like getting free money*!

*note that it is actually in no way like getting free money.


  1. A fine and generous gesture, Zzarchov -- thank you! As the operator of the Bundle of Holding site, I have just one correction: the current Bundle of Lamentations is the third (actually now second, as I write) most popular offer I've presented THIS YEAR. A worthy achievement all around.

    1. Sorry, I got my figures scrambled -- the Bundle of Lamentations is indeed the third most popular offer this year, not second.

      FYI, the most popular offer in my Bundle site's history was the June 2014 PARANOIA offer -- US$48K.

    2. If we find a way to beat that, I will open up the deepest recesses of my imagination and release TWO free adventures. One of them may even be coherent!