Thursday, June 30, 2016

The mythic city of Xanthandu

Far from the sweltering heat of the ocean coast,  deep in the mountains to the north is the capital city of this crumbling Empire, the mythic Xanthandu.  The coastal cities of Zann-thorr and Guam-yaiv, each once ruled by a Satrap,  now controlled by the French Governor General.   The cities are fed by sprawling fields of sorghum, millet, and calabash tilled by water buffalo.  The wine houses are fueled by ancient pomegranate orchards, caravans of opium, and groves of coconut trees.

Long lines of camels form caravans through the lawless deserts dotted with crumbling ancient ruins, on to the vast savanna where they then dodge the orange skinned locals who grow bolder in the collapse of the Satraps to the Colonial Regime.   An entire foreign legion marched through here to besiege the supposed city of Yoon-Suin,  though like the Conquistadors hundreds of years before there has been no news of their deeds to reach European ears.

Past Yoon-Suin and hidden in the mountains is Xanthandu.  A city only accessible by meandering passes guarded by fierce snow monsters.  Merchants from the city do all their business on the foothills, loading their yaks and taking secret routes through caves to find their way into the city proper.  Some say goods change caravans a dozen times before they reach the fabled city.

And somewhere in those mountains is an ancient temple said to be built by Egyptians, or perhaps even Atlanteans before them.  That temple contains the great emerald known as the Eye of Set,  and that is what a team of adventurers hope to find to secure their place with the Royal Explorers Society back in London.

The Year is 1848 and the location is specifically forbidden from being discussed in the game because its all orientalist bullshit. 

This is the map so far.

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