Friday, March 4, 2016

Neoclassical Geek Revival: The continuing adventures

This week I followed up with the GM to both suggest he start his own blog, and to get what mechanics went into what, at the request of Rusty.  Notes about mechanics added to the writeup in italics.

"The party had just finished venturing into the maze, and were living off the goodwill from killing a bunch of goblins. The dwarven smith used the tools at the inn to make a full set of plate for one of the warriors. As he was trying to match together from many damaged suits, and the workshop at his disposal is rather basic, the armour isn't pretty. It's functional, but with mismatched pauldrons, arms, and legs. The warrior doesn't quite have the same imposing presence one in plate usually has,  more of a garbage knight look. Ah well.
The dwarf just had a skill in armoursmithing so the GM made a fiat that with a force and looted rusted armour a suit could be made.

The animal trainer had finished chasing wild geese, and had caught up with the party. He had made a rather poor impression last time he was here. As nobody would vouch for him, and he still had no money, they didn't let him in. He wasn't able to check if the pig was still wearing pants or not.

The party continued on to the dwarven ruin, still intent on forging the monks something into something. Still working on back story. On the way the animal trainer was able to catch a fox eating some roadkill. He captured it in his tiny net, and threw it into a cage that he just now happened to have. The rest of the trip to the ruin was uneventful.
 The bard made an attack roll on the fox with a throwing net, which has the "entangling" tag to effectively grapple it remotely.

Peering down the main hall from the entrance, the party can clearly see that one of the two doors has been smashed down, and the other is very badly damaged. The burnt corpse is still burnt and dead. The sneak up to the open door and see two spheres still in place. The wizard is able to erect a magical stone wall in front of both of the doorways, sealing in the automatons. You would think that something like this would activate them (if anything was going to), but there was no response.
The wizard had a barrier spell from  "Hark! A Wizard" that made stone walls slowly form, the wizard expended all of their mana, and then went slightly bonkers by taking stress damage to overcast.

While the wizard stood watch at an intersection, the rest of the group snuck up to forge area. Their sneaking apparently wasn't very good, as the two automatons activate. This is the first time the party has one of these in full battle mode. It's bottom half stays as a ball, but it's top half is humanoid, with a torso, head, and two arms. It's kinda like the ball droids from the Star Wars prequels. Or like the dwarven spheres from Skyrim. In fact, it's exactly like the ones from Skyrim.
The party took enough suspicion to trigger a random encounter.

The metal warriors are very tough and strong, but the two of them do not stand up to the four people beating on them. The animal trainer even threw his tiny net on one. The tiny net was less than effective, however. As the two automatons were being destroyed, two more rolled in from the hallway the wizard was watching, and another from the other side. Things were looking good for the automaton guards. Then, the wizard threw up a wall of thorns blocking the incoming pair, and the two in the forge were defeated. That left the one coming up hall, that was very quickly defeated. This left the party all the time they needed to set up for for the last two as soon as they broke through the thorns.
This seemed to be standard fighting, with the wizard using a different variant of the barrier spell to throw up walls of thorns much quicker.  Still out of mana the wizard used up piety as they had the Mysticism ability

As there didn't appear to be anything else interesting on this level, they made their way down to the second floor. They remembered the gas leak, and sent a lit torch down the elevator. The explosion was quite impressive. The party then descended, and took the time to check out the cave. They didn't have a good plan for dealing with the massive robot/golem thing, and may have been stalling. In the cave, they found whomever left the second bedroll in the ruin's entrance. Well, they found half of that someone. The other half was either eaten by a troll (according to the dwarf), or a deep canary (according to the animal tamer). They set up a rather clever ambush for the troll, while the animal tamer went looking for the deep canary. He was also the bait for the ambush. It turns out to actually a troll, which tried it's best to eat the animal tamer. As he quickly fled through the ambush, the rest of the party leapt on the poor, defenseless troll, and killed it. Poor troll.
Combat and some stealth conflict to ambush the troll, also a social conflict to taunt the troll.

The party then collected the troll, as well as all of the automaton parts they could carry, with the intent on reverse-engineering the various spells, and returned back to the tower. The monk did not get his thing forged, unfortunately. He was not pleased.
The Dwarf has the sage wizard ability and wants to dissect/disassemble the troll and automatons to learn new spells from them."

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