Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Upcoming Adventure: The Wrath of Zardax the Unbeatable

Coming soon!

The mighty wizard Zardax,  master of white magic, black magic, green magic, hell he's the master of all kinds of colour magic including but not limited to technicolor and smurple.  He's got a totally rad dungeon with smushing traps and weird riddles and ice warriors and things.  Also there is a totally sweet Ethereal Blade in there which is rad to the max.

Can your brave heroes best the wits of the mighty Zardax?  Can they escape his colour coded dungeon? Can you pay $7 for an adventure?  What if I got Scrap Princess to do art? What about then?  Coming soon as this is totally not just a lie that will somehow get to count as a prank because it's April first and everyone has gotten to lazy to distinguish between "prank" and "falsehood".

Coming Soon!

   The Wrath of Zardax the Unbeatable (title subject to change)


  1. Replies
    1. The adventure is now released if you have interest.