Sunday, June 29, 2014

Evil Wizards in a Cave

So a few weeks ago I was asking about any good adventures people could suggest, and a helpful figure suggested "Evil Wizards in a Cave".

Honestly, the name alone sold me on it.  Much for the same reason I bought tickets to go see "Shoot 'Em Up" and "Snakes on a Plane" in theatre. Honesty about what is in the tin works wonders on me.  I also know that doesn't work the same for everyone.   So I figured I would take the time to promote this gem for those who require a little more information.

This is my favourite adventure I have read all year.  It is a pair of two main adventures/schemes that are in conflict with a couple interesting red herrings and a couple of "side quests" that are in fact byproducts of one of the main adventures.  Very sandboxy,  but there are timelines and schemes that progress if the players decide to do nothing.

My favourite aspect is that all of the weird goings on boil down to choices and game decisions.  There is a haunted house with a terrible item.  The item gives you macabre benefits,  with drawbacks if you don't appease it.  The players can throw it away at any point, but it is a pure monkey's trap.  Most wont (at least for some time).

The titular "Evil Wizards in a Cave" have a scheme going on that involved them thieving a relic from a monastery.   The monastery has its own goings on that that theft has interrupted.  There are rampaging monsters going about that are destroying the countryside.  Stopping the monsters will lead you back to the previous schemes.

All of the hooks are then tied to all the other hooks in a nice web, the outcome of player involvement is based on what priorities the players have.

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