Monday, October 7, 2013

Echoing death cries from far off Thule - Part 1

There is still 9 days left to get a copy of Thulian Echoes,  an adventure of paranoid fantasies rendered in Brilliant Technicolor. You do not need to get a copy of the LotFP referee book to get a copy, but this is your only chance to get a physical copy of the adventure, with postage paid worldwide.  There is even a backer level for those who just want a copy of Thulian Echoes.

It is a deadly adventure, and every day I plan to release a little vignette from past games played to highlight just how deadly.

The slave turns to you, pale to the point you could suspect he has gone into shock. "Masters, this place is cursed, if we continue further we will die as did everyone else". 
 I shove him forward and shout "March you coward"
You don't have time to finish,  his flickering torchlight may have allowed you to see the general shape of the room, but not whatever finer detail triggered the mechanism.  Perhaps it was a pressure plate, or a delicate strand of thread he careless snapped with his shin.  It really doesn't matter any longer as two arcing beams of electricity leap out from the walls and converge on his terrified body.  Like the filament in a light-bulb he glows brightly, so bright you are forced to look away before his withered corpse collapses into a fine ash.
 Hrm, I guess we should turn back after all.
Oh it is worse than that, he held the torch.  It is now pitch black.

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