Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Thousand Dead Babies - Redone with professional art, layout and cartography

As some of you are no doubt already aware,  the adventure "A Thousand Dead Babies" has been updated to include professional art, layout and cartography by Jez Gordon.  It also includes a dungeon that was previously only hinted at.

With the upcoming release of Scenic Dunnsmouth, this is a really great chance to see how my writing and Jez's art dovetail together. It is also currently the only NGR adventure (though it does have OSR rules as well) currently available.

If you already had a copy of "A Thousand Dead Babies", it has been updated already so you may wish to re-download it.


  1. The new version is gorgeous.

    And I'm REALLY excited that Scenic Dunnsmouth is coming soon.