Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Physical Printing of "The Gnomes of Levnec"

This is a small little adventure about Gnomes.  It is meant for low level characters and is written for a retroclone ruleset rather than NGR.   It chimes in at 16 pages and is chalk full of weirdness and dark comedy.  This little staple-bound booklet is in full colour and comes with a matching PDF copy.  The booklet is $6 CDN plus shipping (for non-international orders, the price of a stamp) or $4 if you purchase it with a copy of the 2013 Printing of Neoclassical Geek Revival.

Scrap Princess of Monster Manual sewn from Pants wrote

"The Gnomes Of Levnec is a dank twisted little affair which I imagine will leave adventures some how feeling dirty no matter how they handle it. Well done sir, well done."

Gnome Stew wrote

"Good adventures about gnomes are rare, but this one by Zzarchov Kowolski checks both boxes. It's short, peculiar, and perfect for an old school D&D game; I'd happily drop it into a campaign with an evil smile on my face."

Gothridge Manor wrote:

"First impressions...this is a adventure is disturbing and hilarious.  I got a lot of entertainment  reading it."

HeroPress wrote:

"you will begin to fathom the warped genius of the module's writer."

Physical Copies Remaining: 0.
PDF: Available at RPGNow


  1. Hi, I'm interested in a physical copy of this, but can't find your email address anywhere!

    1. Hey Tim,

      You can reach me here: liberinterdico at google's mail provider or through Google+, whichever is preferable.