Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adventure Convertotronica - Surreal Medieval

"Surreal Medieval"

Classes (Mechanically the same)

Fighter = Knight
Magic User = Wizard
Cleric = Friar
Thief = Bandit
Elf = Jester
Dwarf = Grumpy Old Hermit
Halfing = Gnome

Monsters (Mechanically the same)

Goblin = Boggart
Orc = Cynocephali
Troll  = Blemmyae
Skeleton = Skeleton (type: Dancing)
Lich =  Grim Reaper
Dire Wolf = A great pale hound
Dragon =  Jabberwocky

Dungeon Dressing
Walls = immaculatey placed bricks of light coloured stone
Doors = Rounded oak doors, carved from a single smooth piece.
"Dust" = Plain ole dust
Chests = A small stone box with a sliding lid

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