Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adventure Convertotronica - Greekish..


Classes (Mechanically the same)

Fighter = Hoplite
Magic User = Philosopher
Cleric = Priest
Thief = Inventor
Elf = Nymph
Dwarf = Celt/Barbarian
Halfing = Satyr

Monsters (Mechanically the same)

Goblin = Satyr
Orc = Centaur (alternative:  Roman Legionairre)
Troll  =  Minotaur
Skeleton = Skeleton
Lich =  Shade
Dire Wolf =  Lion
Dragon =  Hydra (alternative: Chimera)

Dungeon Dressing
Walls =  Cyclopean blocks of stone held without mortar (Mycenaean)
Doors = Heavy timber doors bound with rusted bronze
"Dust" =  Silt and brine residue
Chests = A damp wooden chest with rusted bronze bindings.

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