Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 2013 Printing of Neoclassical Geek Revival

So as the year draws to a close,  it is time to once more start the notice that I will be making an additional print run of Neoclassical Geek Revival next year for a 2013 edition.

I will as always be striving to keep the same high quality binding, paper and all the rest as before.  However the print runs are starting to get bigger than I can reasonably handle in the haphazard manner I've been doing previously.

So I am throwing my hat into the ring of crowdfunding (figuratively, my hat is too nice for such cavalier tossing in reality) .

So here is an IndieGoGo campaign me and my elite crew of volunteers who seem to tolerate me have come up with.

I will be attempting to put in art in this version,  not just public domain stuff.  I can't promise that you will like it only that I will.

I also don't have any stretch goals, traditionally I lose a couple bucks from each hardcover so unless things change selling more doesn't do me many favours.  But if I do look like I will someone make cash off of this I will probably spend it all on more art.

With such lackluster praise like this,  how can you not want to contribute?

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  1. Zzarchov, I'm very interested in NGR, especially since a friend of mine has given nothing but great things to say about it. However, if for whatever reason the Indiegogo does not reach its goal, how else may we acquire a hardcover copy of NGR?

    1. Hello Juan,

      I am not sure yet, but I would recommend contributing to the campaign so that If I do a printing at some point I have your mailing address and email.