Monday, November 19, 2012

Real Life Experiences

So recently I was thinking about different common activities (or not so common) in the course of an RPG and how many people have actual real life experience doing any of those things?

Camping without a tent
Starting a fire without matches (or a lighter)
Riding a horse
Swimming with gear
Hiking up a forested hill
Hiking through a swamp or marsh
Hiking through subzero conditions
Hiking through a jungle or rainforest
Hiking through a desert
Moving around in a lightless cave (ie, not something with walkways and lights and tour guide)
Navigating at night with a torch or candle (for the UK folks, not a flashlight)
Firing a bow
Getting in a fight after childhood
Throwing a hatchet or knife at a specific target
Rowing a boat or Canoeing
Throwing a molotov
Picking a lock
Chopping down a tree with an axe
Throwing a rope and grapnel and then climbing that rope
Climbing a rope
Climbing a tree
Rock climbing
Climbing a building
Digging a big hole with a shovel (5 feet or more deep, 3 or more feet long and wide.)

Collecting wood and use it to start a fire
Navigating wilderness with no compass or signs
Sailed a sail boat
Determining location on a map (via triangulation, speed extrapolation) on sea and land
Distillation of liquids (extracting alcohol or purifying water)
Collecting rainwater

Firing a long gun
Firing a handgun
Firing an automatic weapon
Using explosives
Flying a plane
Gaining unauthorized access to a computer system
Writing commercial software
Using machine tools

Had a broken limb
Had a stab or puncture wound (we'll assume from accident)
Been on fire

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(additional questions from the the writer of AFG)


  1. Wow. I wasn't doing too badly until I got to the modern list. True, i grew up in Saudi Arabia so I managed to get a few things done that a lot of people haven't, but I also like doing outdoor wilderness kind of stuff, and have a flint and steel on my keyring at all times just because of stuff like that.

    I have fired a long gun, but it was a Napoleonic musket as part of a reenactment event. And I've used machine tools as that used to be my job. I'm going to throw one more into the mix, as it's something I do, but not many other people will have done; shave with a cut throat razor or other fixed blade.

    This is just how I shave as it gets closer than anything else, but I know of only two other guys I've ever met in my entire life who do so, or would know how to do it safely. I do know someone who tried it, but was a bit clueless and gave up after a few too many cuts.

    1. It seems to have had a bit of a resurgence as of late. I know a good half dozen guys who shave with a straight razor, but if I answered the same question 5 years ago I couldn't have named anyone.

  2. About 23 of these...

    Lots of Camping/hiking, archery, shooting club, sailing camp, guard duty(with an old M16), programming work...

    I guess what you're getting at is how our life experiences effect how we create our game world?