Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quick 1001 Nights Equipment

Dirt simple starting equipment for dirt poor adventurers.   So your first character died?  Or maybe you just are arriving late? or maybe you just don't give a ship about starting equipment (or this is for an NPC).

Well, everyone has a small fruit knife to start,  but also rolls a d8, a d6 and a d4 and chooses what is most important:   Weapons, Armour or Miscellaneous stuff.

The most important thing uses the d8 for its result, the second the d6 and the least important the d4.  But you may notice there are more than one result for item, separated by a slash (/)  this is what happens when you get doubles or triples.   The portion of the double (or triple) with the highest die gets shifted over one slash for a double, or two for a triple.


Joe wants Weapons, Armour and then Misc.   He rolls a d8(4) a d6 (5) and a d4 (3)

He has a bow and quiver, a brigandine jacket, and 50 feet of hemp rope as his starting equipment.

Susan wants Armour, Misc and then Weapons.  She rolls a d8(4), a d6 (3) and a d4 (3)

She has a leather jack, 50 feet of hemp rope and a grapnel, and a spear.

Pat wants Misc, Weapons and then Armour.  Rolling the dice, all come up 2.

Pat has a bag of 30 gold dinars, a dagger, and a dark cloak.

1.  A simple wooden club/ a bronze mace/ an iron flail
2.  A dagger/ a belt of 5 throwing knives/a poisoned curved dagger
3.  A spear/  a satchel with 4 Javelins/ a trident
4.  A bow and quiver/ a heavy crossbow/ an arquebus or blunderbus
5.  A scimitar/a falchion (2 handed)
6.  A scimitar/ a falchion (2 handed)
7.  A bow and a scimitar
8.  A Scimitar and a dagger and a Spear

1. A leather cap/ a metal helm/ a bejewelled turban or crown
2. A dark cloak/ a dashing cape/ a jaguar skin cloak
3. A turtle shell buckler/ a large wicker shield/ a medium iron bound shield
4. A leather jack/ studded leather armour/ spiked leather armour
5. A brigandine jacket/  a coat of scale
6. A brigandine jacket/  a coat of scale
7. A brigandine jacket with a metal buckler and leather cap
8. A coat of scale with a metal helm

1. A torch/ a brass lamp and flask of oil/ a lantern and flask of oil
2. A bag of 30 copper pennies/ a bag of 30 silver shekels/ a bag of 30 gold dinars
3. 50 feet of hemp rope/ 50 feet of hemp rope with a grapnel/ 50 feet of silk rope with a grapnel
4. A large sack/ a backpack/ a backpack full of food with a wineskin
5. A wooden pole/ a steel crowbar
6. A wooden mallet and iron spikes/ a sledgehammer and iron spikes
7. Locksmiths tools
8. A forbidden and mystical tome

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