Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Diet Flailsnails, Flailsnails Zero and Flailsnails Blue

So last night I was privileged to play in a delve into the vats of Mazarin alongside Zak, James and Zach (who I don't know if they have a blog).  A blast was had, shenanigans were invoked and treasure was looted.

One thing that was brought up after the game is the nature of Flailsnails PC's getting progressively more weird things as times go on.  I would wager this is not so much due to gonzo settings but due to the "party" size.  Specifically that there are dozens of players, and even if a dungeon kills 99% of players in a room, the one that lives loots his fallen compatriots and winds up with an overload of cool things which individually aren't a problem.  Like toxins in a liver, so too is the over abundance of some stuff.

Now while a GM can veto any item,  it is usually good to do that before it is about to be used and no one wants everyone to be busy reading through a list of loot to have each one vetoed or allowed.  I propose the following variants of Flailsnails for the discerning GM (ie,  those who don't want the full spectrum of flailsnails).

Diet Flailsnails:
   You can bring your character and any mundane equipment that can be found somewhere in the world, weird technological items (guns etc) should use the rule of if it can be purchased in the game.  Bring 1 magical item, exotic item or strange beast (to be run past the GM) for every 3 levels or parts there of.  Other stuff is stuck in intraplanar customs awaiting your exit.

Flailsnails Zero:
   This is meant for settings where even standard gear might be a problem (like a caveman setting,).  Your character appears with nothing.  When you leave you can take 1 item with you (or handful of small items) for each full session in the setting you've played (including this one). The GM might be nice and allow you to start with items in the same way (so nothing the first time, 1 thing the second).

Flailsnails Blue:
  This is a quick start one.  Any time you use a non-native magical roll a d6.
   1.) The inter-dimensional shift has broken it, upon attempting to use it the item loses all power and does not get to use its desired effect before it crumbles to ash.
   2.)  With a snap the item will work for this round,  but then break and loses all power, becoming mundane.
   3.)  The item chugs along and slowly enters a death spiral. It will work for the next 10 minutes before becoming mundane.
    4.)  The item works fine!  For now anyway, it will crumble to ash at the end of the game.
    5.)  It works this time,  but then stalls out after this use.  You can try again next game as the item is fine.
    6.)  Hunky Dory! The item works fine in this setting.

Thoughts Suggestions?

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