Friday, November 2, 2012

ConstantCon Schedule

So with the planet Hogswamp and the RFCS Northcote having run its final regular Online delve on Monday (my home game will continue with it) I'll be shaking up the games I run.

Monday Evenings:
   Fantasy Polynesia will be the regular game.  If everyone ends up with boats it may shift to a more naval game.

Random Saturday Afternoons:
   Mystic Winter:  A medieval fantasy game based upon the concept that magic only exists between Halloween and Easter.  The game would quickly move from no fantasy, to low fantasy to high fantasy and then back down.  Lots of ice and snow.

Every other Sunday:
    Cover Band:  I take someone else's setting and do my best to mimic and run it.  What is being played will vary by whim and availability, pretty much all one shots.

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