Monday, October 22, 2012

What did you land on?

This was a simple d6 chart for rooftop parkour chases in an Arabian Nights game I ran.  Pretty simple, someone falls from a rooftop and if you need to know what they land on.

1. A wagon full of stuff
2. An awning on a stall
3. A horse
4. A group of people
5. A tree
6. A fence

But it could be better and made to be more useful. Roll a d6 and a d4.

1.) A wagon full of:
         I: Manure:  no damage but you are covered in shit
         II:  Apples, Turnips or other food:  1 pt of damage per 10 feet and an angry merchant wants payment
         III: Straw, no damage at all and you are hidden.
         IV: Small angry animals in wicker cages which will impale you as they break. d8 damage per 10 feet.
2.) An awning on a market stall, you:
         I: Bounce off it into (roll again)
         II: Fall right through it,  -1pt of fall damage and upset a merchant
         III: Bounce off it onto the street, only 1pt of damage.
         IV: Bounce into a second story window. During the day its open, during the night its a closed bedroom
3.) A horse:
           I: Which already has an armed guard riding it.
           II: Which is saddled and ready to ride!  How dashing!
           III: Which you just missed.  It will proceed to shit on you.
           IV: Which you land in front of, it will rear up to kick you.
4.) A group of people who are:
          I: Armed guards who don't take kindly to this assault as you send them sprawling.  1 damage to all.
          II: A thief escaping justice.  You will be rewarded with a few coins and praise for aerial tackling them.
          III: A wealthy merchant,  coins spill everywhere and a milling chaos ensues you can easily be lost in.
          IV: A poor pilgrim who is a revered holy man, an angry mob will form to chase and beat you.
5.) A Tree which is
          I: A date tree, if you make an agility check you grab hold and can continue the chase.
          II: A flowering tree in a garden, you appear to be peeking in a second story window with a woman changing.  Make a charisma check, failure results in screaming for angry relatives, success a smile.
          III:  The ugly tree, you take 3d4 damage (instead of fall damage) as you smash branches on the way down.
          IV:  Soft and verdant. you land and become tangled in the boughs.  No damage but it will take several rounds to get out.
6.)  A fence that is:
           I: A low stone fence,  take d8 damage per 10 feet instead of d6.
           II: A wooden picket fence,  take d10 damage per 10 feet instead of d6 as you are impaled.
           III: A wrought iron spiked fence, take a d12 damage per 10 feet and you are stuck on barbs.
           IV: Really more of a brick wall. Take d8 damage as you bounce into (roll again)


  1. I love it. Apples and/or turnips can act as squashy ballbearings - PC and everyone behind them in the chase make DEX checks or roll off cartoon-like in a random direction

    3 III and 4 IV are alarmingly awesome. Do you have time for being humiliated during a chase? Of course you do.

    Fences... there must be something else to be done with fences. Fence collapses when you land on it - now you're entangled in iron grillwork and can only hop at half speed until you get untangled (takes d6 rounds). Not a fence but a washing line - now you're trailing 30' of conspicuous laundry on rope lines that can easily be grabbed or trapped by people following you. DEX check each round to get free, but all actions are at -4 until you do b/c loss of visibility/entanglement.

    Oxford colleges have broken glass atop the streetside walls to discourage climbers. It's really arresting the first time you see it, because it's literally broken bottles and shit, like the college got into a bar fight.

  2. Nice. "Rooftop parkour chases" could be a fun mini-game.

  3. Definitely going to use this in my Polish Resistance game if I get a chance(modified for CP2020 of course)