Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Incoming Fighters!

So what type of fighters are incoming?   Roll 2d6 to find out for a more routine encounter of 1d12 for something potentially disastrous.

1.)  UFO
  A small single seater flying saucer with three telescoping legs acting as landing gear and a transparent dome. It appears to run off an unknown power source, be made of an unknown alloy and be able utilize a staggering array of technology that borders on magic to the uneducated.  Mostly it seems to rely on heat rays and shields as they have the most obvious buttons that anyone who managed to steal one could operate.
Strength: 5, Agility: 20 Health (3d6), Alien Power Stores: 20,  Alien Power Generation: 10, Medium armour
Blast, Bubble of Protection, Cone, Fast (moves 2 zones as an action)

2.) Unknown Fighter Craft
  Occasionally found near space wreckage or radiation belts are these unusual fighter craft.  They seem to be amazingly intricate and well made crafts utilizing the top technology of 250 years ago.  They are not antiques however, making it a bit of an oddity that someone would have the education to assemble one but not do absolutely anything better with their time such as leave to become a citizen.  They appear to be aerospace craft featuring a dizzying array of guided missiles, miniguns, radar and railguns.
Strength 14: Agility 15: Health: 3d6,   Light Armour. 2 medium weapons, 2 large weapons, 1 tiny. FH

3,4,5.) Militia Fighters
   Durable, Reliable,  Dirt cheap to make and barely able to meet the lowest requirements to count as a space fighter by the federation.  While it absorbs an ungodly amount of fuel its 4 engine design makes it quite versatile, despite its thick armour plating.
Strength 15: Agility 20:  Health 3d6,  Medium Armour,  2 medium weapons, H

6,8.)  Pirates
    Made from readily distributed kit plans and scavenged parts the quality and workmanship of this vessel varies highly.  They are aerospace capable (to land and launch, not dogfight) and are designed for stealth.  They won't last long in a battle with real fighters, but against people with no weapons they are more than menacing in the void of space.
Strength: 6  Agility 10: Health (3d6 in theory, 2d6 in practice).  +5 to evade checks. 1 tiny weapon.

7.)  Armed Shuttlecraft
   Shuttles are primarily used for small cargo hauls from orbit to planet side for amounts of cargo too small, or to locations too remote from a proper lander. When needs arise they can be rigged with some weapons to serve as an incredibly poor fighter, often by administration police forces looking to posture. Their ability to land and launch from a planet carrying a crew is useful however.
   Strength 8    Agility: 8  Health 3d6, 2 tiny weapons

9,10,11)  Rebel Interceptor
  Rebel interceptors are built from salvaged parts and scrap metal.  Their elaborate design is largely a giant set of engines and a couple small weapons pointing forward.  They are incredibly fast however, making them very useful for hit and run assaults against vulnerable targets.
Strength 10:  Agility 9:  Health 3d6, 2 small weapons, Fast (2 moves for 1 action), C

12.)  Refitted Pinkerton Drone
  The Rupert-Furlcorp Pinkertons avoid wasting manpower on manned drones in out of the way places.  Deep system automated mining operations (such as around rogue planets, or ones years travel from the nearest star lane) have fully automated defence fighters.   Very rarely someone will take the mighty effort to raid these out of the way locations, or a drone will be damaged by a cosmic storm and drifts into inhabited areas.  Wrecked drones will have their computers removed and crude cockpit installed.  They are fast, manoeuvrable and armed with first world weapons.
Strength 12:  Agility 18:  Health: 1d6,  2 small lasers (burst, normal or armour piercing options). Fast (2 moves for 1 action). Light armour, Partial Heavy Armour, FH

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