Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Creature Feature: The Bogeyman

   Many of the local peasants warn their children of the Bogeyman   but they never truly wish to tell their children his true nature.  That would risk his ire, spoil his game.  Once a year at fall harvest he comes to a village to collect a single child from wailing parents,  but he always demands the child least loved by the community as his prize.   This the community must determine themselves,  for he demands a party and a celebration in the honour of all the children in the town.   Presents and treats are laden upon the children,  and the child with the least at the end of the night is taken.   Rituals have sprung up to bring fairness,  the children are hidden in costumes that townsfolk not know who exactly they are gifting treats too.  This was done to prevent political feuds and rivalries from determining the child to be taken, a course of action which began to anger the bogeyman.

     So the children march the night in costumes, gathering treats from the town, scolded not to eat them until their parents have had time to check the candy (in reality to allow the parents the ability to count and tally the treats).   And when the witching hour commences and the first second of dreary November passes the bogeyman comes, slipping unnoticed from any doorway to steal the child away.   

  Why do the townsfolk permit this?  Because those who participate in the ritual, signified by the display of a fearsomely carved or illuminated vegetable on their doorstep,  are protected from the supernatural for the long winter ahead.  Some say it is his will alone that keeps the peripherals at bay, others say he is their lord.

  Happy Halloween,  I hope you get lots of candy...just not more than my own kin..

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