Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fantasy Polynesia: Starting Gear

So I want to get across the inherent poverty of the current breakdown of social order.  So rather than the usual methods of choosing starting equipment,  players will simply choose three objects from the following list (you can choose an item more than once).

Starting Equipment

1. 30 feet of rope
2. A wicker basket and harness (equivalent to backpack)
3. A bamboo dagger (small, light, piercing)
4. A small bone pearing knife (small, simple, minor, piercing)
5. A small net
6. A wooden javelin (medium, throwing, pole)
7. A hunting bow and 3 wooden arrows (Medium piercing missile, ineffective)
8. A large wooden club (Large, Blunt, Simple)
9. A stone adze (medium, devastating, slashing, unsuitable, simple)
10. A reed sleeping mat
11. A leather pouch with 18 polished stones
12. A fire starting kit

After picking their gear, players also start with one random item (2d4)

2. Weighted Koa Leiomano (Small, Slashing, Devastating, Vicious, Versatile)
3. A large sling and two smooth granite bullets (1 dot each)
4. A gourd helmet
5. Zilch
6.4 engraved pearls
7. barbed pike (large, pole, piecing, vicious)
8. Robes (Ceremonial) and Garotte

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