Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wendish Wood

This seed chart is a way...way... less useful.  I ran a D&D game as a "Cover Band" version of the famed Nightwick Abbey.   This chart was used as the "Random Lost in the Woods" table. As usual to use, roll a d8, d6 and d4.  Know the total result, and the result of each die.  Unless specifically told to roll a die,  you should only have 1 die roll.

Terrain: The Wendish Wood (the Dark Country)

Where? (d8)
1.  Very dense trees with tangled, tripping roots sticking out of the rotting leaves that litter the floor (small weapons only)
2.   As above,  but with a small gnome trail leading to their village (difficult to notice)
3.   An open grove, a radius equal to the Total# x 3
4.   Dark and shadowy black forest, under the rotting leaves is an old cobble road leading to the temple in a winding spiral.  Only found if the ground is dug or someone very heavy is walking.
5.  As above, but with a small visible gnome trail instead of the old road.
6.  The trees are somewhat space apart in this region, allowing light to stream in. Large rocks are strewn about.
7.  The ground is marshy and will eat boots, slowing movement. The trees are rotting and askew, but also allowing in beams of light to illuminate the fern covered rotting logs.
8.  The trees have a heavy canopy but light will flicker and filter through to the thick and vibrant moss. It is sylvan and almost idyllic.

What? (d6)
1.  Total # of Gnomes!
2.  d4 of Groans if its night or the terrain allows no light, otherwise nothing.
3.  A pack of hungry wolves (d4+1)x2
4.  All is eerily quiet
5.  Light whistling with no point of definite origin
6.  d8 Pagan Hunters (odd) or the changeling twins on even (only encountered once)

Weird? (d4)
1. A wooden totem with a bloodstained wooden offerings bowl full of teeth, d6 of which are gold, and a random expensive gem on dubs
2. A bubbling spring or brook is in the area
3. Flesh squirrels (fanged carnivorous squirrels). They will swarm from the trees on anyone knocked prone or killed, but will never venture within 5' of fire.
4.  A (fairly) clean set of clothes are on the ground

Triples (in addition to other results)
1.  The totem is on a chalk coated earthen mound that spirals to a deep spring (well). The totem points towards the temple.  The spring is 60 feet deep and contains:  30 silver, a silver dagger, 3001 copper coins, 1 roman gold coin, 13 gold rings/bands, a pearl necklace (500gp value) and a green foil cape of unknown origin (Magical: +2 to caster level for determining spell effects, user ages twice as fast, cursed).  The well and mound are surrounded by dozens of stone gnome statues, and several pairs of shoes and rotting rocking horses are also strewn about.  The gnomes will be foraging mushrooms.

2.  The groans are both stuck in deep mud from the brook, 8 elderly gnomes are darting about them throwing half eaten apples and insults with abandon.  The groans are swatting at the gnomes but also attempting to keep them at bay.  If observed quietly for several minutes it will become obvious the Groans are not trying to eat the gnomes and the gnomes are trying to enrage the groans.
3.  All the wolves are dead and lying in the center of the grove.  Should anyone touch a wolf corpse,  dozens of flesh squirrels will leap out and try to burrow into their entrails and other orifices, 5d6 damage on a failed save, 1d6 on a successful.  Wearing metal armour results in d6 or no damage.
4.  A man is running naked through the woods, other than a wolf headdress.  He has broken hands and is exhausted (1hp) he knows the way to the temple.

Dubs (in addition to other results)
5.  The golem is chasing the party
6.  The party is approaching the golem who will probably hear them coming.

Max (in addition to other results)
18: . You actually stumble back upon what you were looking for (Gnome village, Temple, Levnec or the edge of the forest)


  1. Just stumbled across this via the RPG Blog Alliance. Loving this 3-tiered random encounter approach. Normally I avoid random encounters like the plague as a GM, but for giving ideas above and beyond the "9 orcs in a forest clearing" this is great and inspires me to go further. Was the d8/d6/d4 thing your idea, or did it come from somewhere else? If the first, kudos to you!

    1. As far as I know this is something I created.