Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Shadowmurk

Continuing my compilation of seed charts (now that these ones are no longer used in my home game)..

To use, roll a d8, d6 and d4.  Know the total result, and the result of each die.  Unless specifically told to roll a die,  you should only have 1 die roll.

Terrain: The Shadowmurk (Isolated Swamp)
Travel Speed: 1 per week (4 with boat)

Where? (d8)
1.  Open water, heavy amounts of reeds or cat-tails. Water is waist deep with deeper pockets
2.  Hip deep water, skinny dead trees rising up. Pockets of reeds
3.  Soggy Hillocks, lots of reeds, some dead trees and a handful (d4) of large willow trees.
4.  Dying forest, ponds of water and soggy ground.  Many downed logs and moss everywhere.
5.  Dying forest, open patches of slow moving water.  Moss, lichens and ivy cover trees.
6.  Open land, marshy hillocks and bog. Water holes occassionally (the water is DEEP)
7.  d4 result is used for 'Where'.
8.  d6 result is used for 'Where'.

What? (d6)
1. Total# x 2 of undead (1:Fungal, 2: Bog Mummies 3: Lichen encrusted skeletons, 4: Fungal)
2. Nothing
3. Swampfolk on raft (d4+1)
4. Pixie Circle on even and < 13
5. Explorers on 12+ (d4+1 first level characters)
6. Swarm of sentient land octopii on 13+ (d8+d4)

Weird? (d4)
1. Heavy Fog billows in, can't see more than 30 feet
2. Stilt Houses (1 on even, d6 on odd)
3. Stone Pillar emerging from water
4. Long swallowed battlefield

Triples (in addition to other results)
1. Fungal Grizzle Bear!
2. Crazy Hermit! (Alchemist/Hedgewizard with random spellbook)
3. A dark cult placating an eldritch horror to sleep (cult leader has miracles and 100 piety)
4. Small elven and fairey settlement (20ish Members, lead by level 1 bard/warrior/wizard)

Dubs (in addition to other results)
5. Beached shipwreck full of rotting cargo. Military on 14, Durable goods otherwise
6. Cruel Sidhe animal handler, knows the water breathing spell (Lvl 2 Rogue/Rogue/Warrior)

Max (in addition to other results)
18:  Elven spirits and human ghosts wage the same war under every full moon


  1. Glowing razor bear & cultists! I remember that one. :D

    1. Which brings up an important point I don't know if I've mentioned, that you can enter the region and try and hunt down a specific result (Say to eradicate a monstrous bear terrorizing the area)

  2. So far, so familiar, and with all three, but there's enough new and mixed in to make it feel your own.