Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Duskwood

Continuing my compilation of seed charts..
To use, roll a d8, d6 and d4.  Know the total result, and the result of each die.  Unless specifically told to roll a die,  you should only have 1 die roll.

Terrain: The Duskwood (Haunted Woods )
Travel Speed: 2

Where? (d8)
1. Very, very dense cedar trees (fumble range is cumulative weapon reach)
2. Dense cedar trees (fumble range is weapon reach)
3. An open grove (d6 x d4 meter radius)
4. A bubbling stream flows through. Count d6 as extra d8, or d4 if this is the second stream
5. Lots of tree cover causing constant deep shadows but little undergrowth.
6. Lots of narrow trees, allowing light to shine in and causing tall grasses and weeds
7. There are boulders strewn about, covered and surrounded by gnarled trees.
8. The trees are somewhat more sparse as the area turns into a small marsh.

What? (d6)
1. Blood matted goatmen (d8 x d4)
2. Confused and angry ghosts (d4)
3. Nothing
4. On 14+ a demon possessing a (2: Wolf, 3: Bear, 4: Rotting Troll Carcass)
5.  Count both d4 and d8(if applicable) as extra results on d6
6. d8 demon worshiping vikings, use d4 as extra d6 result on even

Weird? (d4)
1. Demonic Shrine on odd, Ruined and overgrown temple on even
2. d6 snare traps
3. The floor is littered with bleached and gnawed upon bones, many human
4. A smoldering pit of coals on top of a stacked stone mound highlights a section of path (+1 speed)

Triples (in addition to other results)
1. An aging crone tends a large boiling cauldron (talisman +3), she knows "Brew Potion", "Ice Giant Strength" and "Newt Kiss" (polymorph other newt). She is a level three wizard/wizard/priest with 150 piety and has through dark pacts, taken the goatman as her "lover", rancid meat smell and barbed nethers in all.
2. The ghosts are playing a game of dice but cannot seem to remember the rules and are agitated.  They accuse each other of not knowing how to roll dice (being incorporeal they can't roll them) as they sit on opposite sides of a square(ish) stone slab with a pair of ornate bone dice in the middle. The other two sides have hidden snare traps placed by imps to snare anyone who tries to grab the dice (due to their obvious high value).  The ghosts will also be angry at stolen dice and attempt to possess whoever attempts to grab the dice.
3. Its the Wharwhilf! ( Swedish Werewolf)
4. Five bubbling streams are present in total, moving in towards a central point where all the water disappears.  The terrain otherwise is many dead trees covered in moss and vibrant flowers.  The immediate area counts as a mystic wasteland and the point where the streams converge to nothingness counts as a "vortex".

Dubs (in addition to other results)
5. There is an iron sword stuck in the petrified skull of some massive (size 12 or greater) beast. The skull is all that remains.  The sword is simply a sword (12 or 14 total),  meteoric iron but also cursed to cause 1 stress per night to its bearer until returned to the skull (11) or a blessed sword from a Spartacan questing knight in ages past (+1 relic).
6. A level 3 Viking Berserker is leading the band.

Max (in addition to other results)
18: The path is a wooden bridge over the marsh.  The Vikings have built a crude shrine on their side (consecrated) and have stashed large amounts of wealth (2000 silver and a small golden eagle statue).  They guard the bridge.

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