Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The city of the Fomorians

Continuing my compilation of seed charts with one a little less generically useful. This is the remains of a "Victorian" and slightly steampunk metropolis after the magical equivalent of a nuclear apocalypse. Your use of this one may vary.  I have a slightly tweaked version of this I use for abandoned or war torn urban areas.
To use, roll a d8, d6 and d4.  Know the total result, and the result of each die.  Unless specifically told to roll a die,  you should only have 1 die roll.

Terrain: The city of the Fomorians (Mutant infested ruined metropolis)
Travel Speed: the d8x2 per week

Where? (d8)
1.  Massive piles of rubble, buildings on the verge of collapse. Overgrown with scrub and pine or oak.
2.  Several collapsed buildings among meandering alleys. Overgrown with juniper and some oaks
3.  Occasional collapsed building in dense residential sprawl. Small trees and bushes grow on rotting roofs.
4.  An important and grand building (such as a bank, mansion or police station)
5.  Overgrown suburbs and parks turned into fallow or sickly fields. Crumbled remains of small brick houses.
6.  A large factory (brick) or workshop full of heavily rusted machines. Rail lines are present, also with an operational steam engine on 13+
7.  Wide main streets and the remains of makeshift fortifications.  A few plants here and there.
8.  A wide highway, the walls lining the road are starting to crumble. Bones and some dirt litter the floor amongst long abandoned quarantine checkpoints.

What? (d6)
1. Cats! So very, VERY many cats.  Ruled by a local lvl d4 cat queen (Wizard/Wizard/Priest)
2. Eerie quiet, heavy echoes.
3. d8+d4 Fungal Zombies lurking in the shadows
4. Total# of Fomorians
5. Wild Game (1: Total# of feral dogs 2-3: Total#x2 pigs 4: Total# of cows)
6. d8xd4 giant ants on Even and > 10, d4 giant spiders on odd

Weird? (d4)
1.Heavy grafiti on the walls, singing of doom at hand
2. Dangerous levels of magical contamination (Mystic Wasteland)
3. The sewers in the area are full of poison gas
4. Heavy Artillery left to rust, there is an underground (and unstable) magazine on 12+

Triples (in addition to other results)
1. Runes of binding are scrawled on the walls, holding an ancient elemental or horror released by the elves in stasis.
2. Working doomsday device (if moved without a very hard check by a skilled engineer, everyone within several miles dies)
3. Shrine to MiGo, adorned with skulls.  3 Myconoid priests, 13 Fomorian Cultists, 20 fungal zombies.
4. Fomorion Warrior King! Level 7 warrior, warrior, wizard. Three level 3 warrior, warrior, rogue guards, +50 civilians

Dubs (in addition to other results)
5. Small Fomorian settlement (3-4 families, +d4 warriors)
6. Airship hangar, occupied by 4x the normal denziens (if more than one denzien is present, an airship with a health of total -12 is present)

Max (in addition to other results)
18: A Size Mod 15 Ant Queen called "Death" by the locals is rampaging above ground.  7 luck points, can take 13 damage. This is a cultural icon.

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  1. That's very cool indeed. if you're familiar with the game of Unhallowed Metropolis, it looks like with a couple of setting specific tweeks it would be a great way to work out your own Sepulchers.