Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Broken Hills

Continuing my compilation of seed charts..
To use, roll a d8, d6 and d4.  Know the total result, and the result of each die.  Unless specifically told to roll a die,  you should only have 1 die roll.

Terrain: The Broken Hills  (A rugged frontier far from any city)
Travel Speed:  3 per week

Where? (d8)
1.  A steep ravine with loose dirt and gravel along its sides. 30 feet deep, 150 feet wide
2.  Thick scrub brush, thorn bushes and low junipers.  Weapons fumble on their reach or less.
3.  Atop the crest of a hill, the next hill is visible just across a ravine (as 1)
4.  A large grove of trees at the base of the hill (Total# of big oak trees)
5.  A pond being fed by a bubbling brook in the side of the closest hill. On odd there is an unusually large tree giving shade to the pond.
6.  At the top(odd) or bottom (even) of a large cliff face (20+Total# feet high).  -1 speed if you need to backtrack rather than pass it.
7.  On a somewhat steep downward slope of a hill
8.  A large and mighty oak centered on the top of a hill

What? (d6)
1. A Woodwose warband (d4+d8) lead by a level d4 warrior(2)/priest on 10 or less.
2. Total# of feral goblin thieves on 8 or less,  d8+d4 Direwolves with enslaved goblin riders on 11+
3. Its a Motherf&$*ing Grizzly Bear
4. Nothing
5. Nothing
6. d4 Lesser Cheiftains and 3xd4 retainers or men-at-arms

Weird? (d4)
1. Unusually dense brambles and large numbers of jutting sharp rocks, -1 to travel speed.
2.  On a 12+ there is a heavy rain, -2 to health checks, -1 to travel speed, else clouds of black flies.
3.  Double the number of beings present from the d6
4.  A usable path has been found, +2 to travel speed if followed.

Triples (in addition to other results)
1. The remains of a large skirmish, 12 dead Woodwose and 12 dead warriors and 3 chieftains
2.  The area is littered with dozens of punji sticks and small snares. The goblins are well armed have a stash with a suit of mail, 230 silver and 42 golden coins.
3. Each of the bears is atop a different hill. On each rides a level 5 barbarian princess, one with a meteoric iron spear the other with a shield of flying rowan and dragon tooth dagger (among standard gear). They are preparing to joust over a captured, bound and gagged level 2 chieftain's son. All three of them will violently hate you if you try to rescue him.
4. The trees are in a 4x3 grid and the path goes directly down the middle of it.  If the the area just past the trees is excavated they will find the foundation of an old hall or small palace.  A week of careful digging with result in 3202 copper coins, a golden battleaxe head and a suit of horn scale armour. The horn scale armour is blessed by ancient gods and will therefore work against ethereal assaults.

Dubs (in addition to other results)
5.  If a tree is present the area is consecrated ground to a nature spirit.  If not, there is a smooth stone throne in front of the pond.  Sitting in this throne regenerates mana at a rate of 1 point per hour. A sage could dig up and destroy the area to learn "Visions of the Moon Pond", a version of scrying.
6. The chieftain(s) and the retainers are all mounted on horses and carry an extra 150 golden coins.

Max (in addition to other results)
18:  The chieftains have just finished burying a chest with 12000 silver coins at the base of  the tree.  They will come up with any bullshit reason they can to have the players accompany them back to civilization.  This way they can ensure the players won't steal their treasure before they make it back.  The chieftains each have 102 golden coins upon them, each retainer has 50 silver coins.

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