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Random Grimoires

In NGR it is incredibly important that wizard's try and keep their spells to themselves.  Obviously over time sharing, stealing, apprenticeships and librarians ensure that some spells, or rather collections of spells, are more common than others.  While I do also keep a different type of chart for random spells (unique or rare one-offs) this is a table for the more common grimoires in a table.   The Cultes De Goules and the Necronomicons of a region.

For each rare book a collector or wizard MIGHT have roll a d20.  For each more common tome roll 3d6.  The mathematical reasons for this should be obvious.

1.) Entreaties to the lady in the tower of iron
 "An iron cover engraved with intricate geometric designs. The pages within are delicate rice paper and written with rigid and precise Chinese characters."
   - Supplications Eternal (A version of silence with a permanent duration)

2.) Inner Mysteries of the Elder Masons
"The cover is white deerskin stretched over oak panels stamped with the gold sigil of the masons.  The pages are supple vellum, written with silver ink."
   - Sacred Wall (A version of barrier that summons a permanent brick wall. Casting time is 1 minute ppl)
   - The owed hart (Summons nearest elk)

3.) Chants and Runes of House Ulthark
 "An enormous granite box, inside are neatly stacked copper plates, each acting as a stencil when used in the correct order."
   - Base of the Mountain (Version of Elemental Rune: Earth)
   - Summit's Peak (Version of Elemental Rune: Frost)

   - Forged of Pain (Warding on Metal Weapons)
   - Forged of Belligerence (Warding on Metal Helms)
   - Cooled Passions (Permanency on metal item when first being cooled, x2 Difficulty and Cost)

4.) The Silver Codex
"The cover is made from two smooth silver plates, the pages are fine sheets of blue silk written with silver ink."
   - The Everfull Pouch (enhanced capacity for bags and sacks)
   - Sun Burst (Flash, but with sunlight, as such it can damage the undead)
   - Worn to dust by Nuldrin's grace  (Erase)
   - Ruin of the Vault Dwellers (Rune Lock)

5.) The Book of Aarrgh...
"A simple black leather cover with heavy brass buckles and a title that seems to trail off. The pages inside are crisp and fresh.  Most copies of this tome have a supernatural entity bound in its back pages,  freed upon beginning to read them."
   - Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge (Imprison within a blank book, reading the new text frees it)
   - Screams of Anguish (Cantrip: Causes a random scream to emanate from off in the distance)

6.) The Rot on the Roots of Yggdrasil
"A polished and smooth brown leather tome, large enough to cover a small writing desk when opened.  It is fastened with a leather strap with a gold buckle. The book has  glossy paper,  written in Elven with shiny red ink that is actually a potent contact poison. The tome details the secrets of the demon-god MiGo, this allows even a layman reader the ability to exorcise the supernatural, but only against demon's and undead of MiGo."
   - Viscous Bolt (A version of Bolt that assaults the target with a stream of flesh eating fungal soup)
   - Narcoleptic Spores (A version of Blast that releases a cloud dealing a d12 of shock or stun damage)
   - Cordyceptus Mammalia (A version of raise undead on mammals that creates infections fungal zombies)

7.) Rites of the Elder Masons
"An unassuming grey buckram bound book. The book will have a heavy iron lock upon it."
   - Masonic Robes (Robes become hard like stone, acting as armour)
   - Heat of the First Stones (Detect Magic, using heat)
   - Glowing Stones (Glow, but can only be cast upon worked stone or bricks)

8.) Rites of the Death Eaters
"A set of rolled up patches of human leather, coated in intricate tattoos. A d20 roll would give all 5, with 3d6 they will have a copy of each result shown on a die, which may include doubles or even no scroll with a 6."
   - Wall of Dung (Barrier, but made out of packed animal dung) - 1
   - Beelzbubs Wrath (Cone of flies, dealing d4 ppl) - 2
   - Bloodthirst of the Moonlight (Channeling, drinking fresh blood by moonlight) -3
   - Power of the Hog Totem (Polymorph self into giant hog, permanent) -4
   - Whispering Glow of the Damned Souls (Spell Storage into Candle)- 5

9.) The Little Green Book
"A small little hardcover book bound in cheap green buckram. The pages are stamped text on flimsy paper akin to newsprint and are bound poorly"
   - Lightning Bolt (Bolt spell, player must shout "Lightning Bolt!" once per power level)
   - Schmetterling (Flight Spell, caster grows giant butterfly wings for duration)
   - Dust to Dust (Dispel, 1 dif/cost ppl, only works on undead)
   - Courier's Hope (Fast Feet, only cast on others, target grows tiny wings on ankles)

10.) The Little Blue Book
"A small little hardcover book bound in cheap blue buckram. The pages are stamped text on flimsy paper akin to newsprint and are bound poorly"
   - Wall of Earth (Barrier of loose soil)
   - Defiler of Gaia (Channeling, harms plants in 1 area radius ppl)
   - Litany of Choolar (Dispel, only 1 dif ppl, deals 1 damage to caster ppl)
   - Delayed Orb of Force (Blast, goes off in 1 round ppl, can't shorten timer)

11.) The Little Red Book
"A small little hardcover book bound in cheap red buckram. The pages are stamped text on flimsy paper akin to newsprint and are bound poorly"
   - Cat's Eye (Night vision, caster actually has cat eyes for duration)
   - Crushing Blow (Damaging touch, blunt force)
   - Static Wail (Interference)
   - The Black Arrow (Warding, arrows and bolts only)

12.) Edicts of Vydyl, The Lady in Black
"A large cloth disk covered in tiny Gaelic writing.  It is a holy text to the druids of Vydyl but also contains coded secrets in its text. "
   - Dancing Shadows(Cantrip)
   - Mantle of the Shadow Dragon (Polymorph self, only the first third of spell)

13.) The Diary of Count DeSade
"A simple red leather journal with a silk ribbon "
   - Wave of Madness (Blast that deals stress not damage)
   - Gift of the Dhampyr (Channeling, drink blood from living victim)
   - Talons of the Soul (Damaging touch, deals stress leading to mind control not damage)

14.) The Druidic Rites of Vydyl
"A richly embroidered black wool tapestry depicting scenes and runes detailing of the actions of Vydyl with a  single winding grey thread"
   - Shadow Tendrils (Cone, a wave of lashing tendrils doing d12, won't work in bright light)
   - Whispering Shadows (Message, from shadow to shadow)
   - Shadowrifts (Blast, doing d12, won't work in bright light)
   - Mantle of the Shadow Dragon (Polymorph self, only the second third of spell)

15.) Songs of the Woodwose
"A large gnarled root suitable for use as a club.  It is ornately carved with pictographs and runes in a winding spiral"
   - Wall of Thorns (Barrier)
   - Bee Swarm(Cone, Bees for d4 (+1 vs unarmoured),  must say "BEEEEEEES!" when casting)
   - View Veil (Detect Magic)
   - Call of the Wild (Interference for non plant/animal spells only)
   - Woodflesh (Petrify, but into wood)

16.) Dairy of the Princess of Candyland
"There are so very many sparkles, and its pink, with tassels,  really this is just the most obnoxious looking sparkly diary you can picture a 6 year old ballerina wanting"
   - Rainbow Bolt (Bolt, D7 damage, damaging is converting matter into candy)
   - BFF (Charm Person, Permanent until aggression or mean words)
   - Fireworks of Candyland (Blast, only damages on 1 or 6, on 6 roll 2 extra dice)
   - Nightmare Fuel (Simulacrum, only works on stuffed animals or dolls)

17.) Typicalities of Phrool
"A purple stained wood cover, splattered with multicoloured paint. The pages are gold ink on tie-dyed vellum pages"
   - A Shadow of Time (Illusion, only of whats there now,  uses all senses for difficulty of just one)
   - Mask of Phrool (Glamour of  psychedelic man sized jelly fish that speaks in a buzzing tone, reeks of sulfur )
   - Lost to the Ages (Erase)

18.) The Higher Mysteries of Vydyl
"A bowling ball sized polished black stone inlaid with mystic runes"
   - Shadow Portal (Portal, requires a shadow to duck into)
   - Mantle of the Shadow Dragon (Polymorph self, only the final third of spell)

19.) The Serpen Lexicon
"A giant scroll written on the skin of some massive snake or wyrm, as large as any Torah"
   - Charming Tongues (Charm person, can only tell lies, grows forked tongue for duration)
   - Supplications to Yig (Summons a giant spectral cobra)
   - Congress of Yig (Channeling, regain mana by pure ew, requires a snake)

20.) The Book of Bone
"The cover of this book is black leather, studded with human teeth. The inner pages are penned in the blood of crows on paper reclaimed from defiled holy texts"
   - Legion of  the Dead (Raise undead, 20x effectiveness, only usable on a battlefield, must first slay those who slew them, or their current descendants)
   - Carrion's Debt Foreclosed (Raise undead crows, vultures or hyenas, 5x effectiveness)
   - Mother's Lament (Raise undead, ghost of stillborn from grave, 1 diff ppl, +5 to free will)
   - Eternal Torment of the Wicked (Raise undead, wizard from their talisman, double free will chance)
   - Tail of the Dragon (Imprison, Ghost into Skull)
   - Dust to Dust  (Dispel, 1 dif/cost ppl, only works on undead)

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