Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Grim Wars

So perhaps you are or run into a grizzled veteran in the Rupert-Furlcorp Systems,  what war were they in?

If she's a grade A certified Bad-Ass roll a d12,  if he's a tough guy or someone who's "seen some action" roll 2d6.

1.  THE Front

This person isn't just a veteran of a war, this is a veteran of THE war.  The war that consumes billions and billions of lives each day.  Great continents are scorched with orbital bombardments,  planetary sized rad-arrays pulse whole planets with fatal gamma bursts,  C-Beams glisten off the smouldering dust particles that were once entire battle fleets,  men built fortifications out of their fallen comrades as planets are terraformed simply by the vast amount of bio-matter deposited as corpses in a fight with seemingly all powerful aliens. Almost no one makes it back from this war,  those that do rarely make it far before caught.  Those who make it to hide out in these systems are rarer still.   However weak you thought this person was they were toying with you,  they are actually level 10 with 3 milestones.  Their actions have automatically saved the entire human race, even if but for a few milliseconds each.

2. Ambush on the Black Ark

A single federation military vessel patrolled the Rupert-Furlcorp Systems.  It was an ageing, third line armed transport ship.  Recruiters glad to stay off the front lines for a while longer scoured the Serv worlds picking up "recruits".  At first they were morons offered citizenship and not realizing they would never live to see it.  Then they were press ganging criminals and no one cared.  When they were paying "recruiter fees" to third parties who were press ganging the unfortunate and unlucky, people locked their doors and kept a wary eyes out for strangers.  But when the draft happened,  when Serv's were being forced to fight on the behalf of a federation that they were not citizens off? When hard working slavers were not only being cut out as a middleman but drafted themselves?  Well,  then shit got real.  When launching a planet wide draft on Buckwheat 4 a massive riot erupted, quickly being exterminated by hardened Federation soldiers.  But it didn't simply end, everyone piled on.  The armed gangs, the constabulary, the militia, even the rebels piled on in a swarming planet wide fire fight.  As the orbiting ship opened fire on the planet, everything that could fight in orbit did. Raiders and Planet Defence satellites battled together with ships streaming in from other systems hoping to free lost relatives.   It didn't work.
  They were cut down and blasted into bits,  no amount of wooden galleons will stop even a poorly maintained modern frigate.  But they did actually manage to damage the ship and kill some federation soldiers.  The draft was quietly dropped as the ship limped back to federation space.  Still, rumours of another Black Ark always float about. This person will always have at least a second milestone.

3. The Caves

Cornocopia, one of the show worlds for the corporation to parade to federation inspectors. It was highly populated and fairly pristine looking despite the incredibly heavy amounts of strip mining before it was terraformed.  But then it was hit by a pulse of cosmic radiation, some highly radioactive rogue planet came zipping through the system at near TAU.  The gravity destroyed infrastructure and shifted plates causing a horrible chain reaction.   The oceans drained and the biosphere irradiated.  The population was largely fine, but the orbital infrastructure was trashed.  With no way to escape people crawled into sewers and ruins,  crawled deep into the maze of zig zagging tunnels from the mining.  Most of the tunnels were barely big enough for a grown man to crawl,  leftover evidence of the automated explorer droids.   There wasn't enough air, water, food and power for everyone. Help wasn't economical and as such it never arrived,  factions formed as soon as this became evident and the bloodbath began.  It wasn't just fighting for supplies either, air was a limited resource as well.  No quarter was given, no surrender was ever taken.  Eventually the population stabilized to a sustainable number,  but even now,  15 years later,  it is an unforgiving place. If you lived through this you killed someone, probably several someones.

4. Eco-terror attacks of odd eight

Ten years ago a bunch of eco-poets became radicalised,  they felt the need to introduce a little more chaos and turn gardens into wilderness.  People like the Appleseeds when they bring useful plants or delicious animals to a planet, less so if they try and release poisonous snakes, noxious weeds or dangerous predators. Administration officials are usually pretty good about checking cargo for dangerous pests but occasionally some slip through and all and all it was a mellow back and forth.   But these hot headed folks banded around a fanatic named Noah and decided that things were going too slowly.  They took over a militia cruiser and hijacked a teamster superfreighter before going on a 6 system rampage against constabulary inspection teams backed by private citizens over the course of 2 years. Almost a dozen worlds were seeded with all kinds of mess before they were crippled at the battle of Eye-Sign Station by a trio of militia carriers.  The cruiser (renamed the Rainbow Warrior) was turned to slag along with a dozen smaller Appleseed ships, but the superfreighter (The Ark) was last seen venting coolant and atmosphere as it plowed through an asteroid belt.

5. The Last Rebellion

It has been a generation since the rebellion first sprung into being.  Spurred on by the ancient texts of Marx whole worlds joined in an effort to separate the corporate worlds from the Federation and live in a communist utopia. It quickly gained steam and overran most constabulary and even most militia forces within a year.  Then the pinkertons came in and reversed everything over a two month crackdown.  Rebel forces still remain, hidden and isolated,  but they are but the faintest shadow of what they were.  Controls got tighter after that, at least on paper.  The corrupt nature of the constabulary meant most people didn't notice,  they only knew better than to mess with the company goons.

6. A Coup

Officially the administration runs things, its rules are enforced by the constabulary and the militia is only to be used for external threats.  What often happens is that some militia commander will try (and sometimes succeed) in usurping control of a planet, usually claiming the chief administrator is loony and replacing them with a puppet administrator.  Sometimes the coup comes from within the constabulary.  Its usually pretty petty and over within a few weeks,  but the fighting is often very heavy and very intense.

7. Gang Warfare

Criminal organizations and petty gangs are rife on most worlds.  The low technology and vast amounts of living space available leads to a certain level of lawlessness around the edges.  The fighting is usually low intensity with a lot of posturing,  but periodically open warfare spills to the streets and its a real bloodbath (at least until the bribes for the constabulary to keep out of it dry up). The sporadic turf wars between the Hernandez syndicate and the Followers of Ezekiel on New Tijuana  are a prime example of such open warfare.

8. Guerilla Warfare

Rebel (or less frequently raider) units still exist in the empty wilderness of most planets, or lingering in rusting ships  hiding behind quiet little moons. Militia units often spend most of their time in these sorts of low intensity skirmishes, though sometimes constabulary SWAT teams are involved.  It tends to mostly feature ambushes, patrols, raids and sabotage.  There is almost never sustained front line combat.

9.  Ned's Bounty

Ned the Pirate King.  He captured dozens of freighters and smaller ships from the teamsters and some say he had fifty thousand under his command.  He sacked space stations and outposts and had a hundred fighter craft and armed shuttles under his control if not more.  He had tens of thousands of Federation Credits but had no drive to live among what he considered "Soft Weaklings" and frequently paid his own men in federation credits.   Eventually his pirate fleet was destroyed around the gas giant Nork 8, with its hundreds of moons.  He was confirmed dead, but no one ever found his treasure.

10. The Hitlerian Crusade

Long after the twentieth century, the horror of the Third Reich was dulled by time. White supremacists grew to deify Hitler and view him as a messiah and Mein Kampf a holy text.  At first they were violent but eventually their descendants mellowed and chose to ignore Hitler's more violent teachings and focus on what they consider a religion of joy and togetherness.  Just kidding, can you imagine?  No, they are asshole Nazis except in space.  So when they inevitably snuck into the Rupert-Furlcorp systems and set up shop, they quickly tried to take over the place.  The war with them lasted 3 years, uniting both militia and rebel forces against them. While organized resistance has long since collapsed there are  still secret Hitlerian cults and hidden bases all over the place. Trashy adventure novels and radio dramas frequently feature heroes stumbling upon secret Space Nazi bases and destroying them.

11. The Ruins

New Australia,  the centre of the rebellion,  was bombarded with asteroids as a warning to other worlds.  Once highly populated and industrial it is now a scorched wasteland.  The orbit of the planet has been seeded with vast clouds of dangerous debris, largely cutting the planet off from any but the most daring of explorers.  Life on the planet is harsh and deadly, it is a post-apocalyptic hell scape populated by roving gangs of machete wielding bikers battling isolated communities of bunker dwellers with crossbows and sporting goods.  Occasionally inhabitants from the planet do make it into orbit and explore the wider universe.  These are tough cookies and are never less than level 2 if they actually make it to orbit on their own.

12. The Strike

There was exactly one attempt at an organized labour strike among the Servs.  It surprisingly lasted for a month once the pinkertons got involved.  Almost no one made it out alive, less than 5% of the workers.  Anyone who could go toe to toe with a power armoured goon with nothing but a pipe wrench is not to be trifled with.  This individual will always have at least their second milestone and be at least level 3.

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  1. Loved The Strike. You might be interested in looking up information on the Battle of Blair Mountain, which was fought in West Virginia in 1921. It was a battle that involved close to 15,000 men (most of them striking miners), and would last four days.